Faster, Please!

Chris Matthews, Getting It Wrong and Staying There

Some weeks ago, Chris Matthews mentioned me in passing as one of those who wants to attack Iran militarily.  So I wrote to his producer, pointed out that I had long opposed military attacks on Iran, had written three books and scads of articles and blogs saying that, and would therefore be grateful if Mr Matthews would take a few seconds to correct the record on air.  After all, that’s where he uttered the false statement to begin with.

He replied with a snail mail, which simply said “this is what I based it on.”  The envelope contained a bit of transcript from an old show of his (ten years ago) in which we talked about Iraq, and I had said that Iran was the really serious problem and we should address it.  Nothing about attacking Iran.  Nothing about bombing Iran.

So I sent him another email via his producer, pointing out that I had been prescient on his show, thanking him for taking the time to send an actual letter, and pointing out that the transcript did not address the question I had raised, namely that he had falsely said I wanted to attack Iran.  I again asked that he correct the record, and to help him clear his mind, I sent him a copy of Accomplice to Evil, which laid out my opposition to military action very clearly.

No reply.  So a bit over a week ago I emailed the producer saying “time’s up,” and that if he wasn’t going to do anything, I would correct the record myself.  The producer emailed back, asking me if I had received the snail mail.  I said I had, but it didn’t have anything to do with the subject, and for extras was ten years old.

That’s about it.  I don’t suppose it’s surprising.  I just want to state the facts:  I am opposed to military attacks against Iran, I think we should be supporting the opposition there, and I think I’ve shown that Chris Matthews isn’t much interested in getting it right.  He got it wrong, and stayed with it.

Par for the course, n’est-ce pas?  Another reason not to watch television.  Stick with PJ Media.  We try harder to get it right, and if we get it wrong, we try to correct it pronto.