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The Wikitruth About Iranian Murder of Americans

The latest bunch of previously secret reports from Wikileaks abundantly document the Iranian war against Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Have a look at the New York Times' latest account, which is a model of fine journalism:  lots of information, links to the primary documents, and good context throughout.  These guys are good enough to write for Pajamas...

Typically, CNN acts as if these were new revelations, although they are not.  American military officers in Iraq and Afghanistan have been telling us for many years that the Iranians were up to their necks in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they were arming, funding, and training terrorists to kill Americans, and doing quite a bit of it themselves.  A lot of the lethal "roadside bombs" came from Iran, and a lot of terrorists were either Iranians or foreigners (including Sunnis, contrary to the popular myth that Sunnis and Shi'ites don't work together) trained in Iran by Iranians.  There are even some reports that Iranians used some sort of chemical or biological weapons, although these are not confirmed and may well be wrong.

For extras, there's information confirming what I have written for quite a while, namely that the American "hikers" were not in Iran at all, but in Iraq.  The Iranian kidnappers crossed the border to capture the Americans, just as the London Telegraph said early on, and what the Nation concluded after an on-the-spot investigation.

So thanks to Wikileaks for showing that I've been pretty much on-target all along, and thanks to those newspapers that accurately reported this information.

No thanks go to those who claimed that the opposite was true:  those like Sy Hersh who wrote again and again that American forces were operating in Iran, and who warned that the Bush administration first, and now the Obama administration, were planning a shooting war against the Islamic Republic.  Hersh and the various Giraldis, Lobes, Cannistraros, and their echo chambers on the wacky left should take the opportunity to apologize for failing to report what was actually going on:  the Iranians were waging war against us, while we were doing precious little to fight back, despite a high cost of life and limbs.