Faster, Please!

Sex and the Single Sharia Girl

There’s a law firm for Muslims in the Netherlands whose director is so observant, he refuses to shake hands with women. That cost him an official position with the Rotterdam city government.

So what else is new? you are asking. Well, what’s new is that two of the ‘secretaries’ at the law firm are well known porn stars. Are we to imagine that they sanctify their sexual liaisons by obtaining temporary marriages from Sharia authorities before going to work?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

And inquiring minds should look more deeply into the important subject of sexuality in radical Islam. I have long thought it important that many of the most radical Muslim males are products of strictly (sexually) segregated madrasas, and are denied female company during their years of peak hormonal activity. I suspect that makes the promise of paradise, with its rich supply of irresistible, insatiable and eternally virginal houris, very inviting. It sure beats sitting cross-legged on the floor with smelly teen aged boys, awaiting a spanking from the dominator/religious guide.

And, in keeping with the well known principle that the followers have to be chaste, while the leaders revel at will, the head of this law firm, Mr. Fazil Ali Enait, employs women who are scorned by the Shari’a law he pretends to practice.


Seems the head of an Islamic (boarding) school in romantic Buffalo may have arranged one of those temporary marriages with an underage student of his.