The Straits of Hormuz

So now the Iranians have denied “buzzing” American warships. No surprise there; the mullahs always deny any aggressive acts, even when they are caught red-handed. They deny arming, training and guiding terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. They deny EVER carrying out belligerent acts, even though their armed forces, in uniform, attempted to capture American Special Forces in Iraq in September, 2006. And on and on.


The most surprising thing about the Straits of Hormuz event is that anyone is surprised. After all, they’ve been attacking us for nearly 30 years. But that little fact is never mentioned in the deep thinkers’ analyses, at least in public.

Sigh. Once upon a time I used to end my columns on Iran with “Faster, Please.” But I stopped, because it was so clear we weren’t going to do anything serious, faster or slower. We’re relying on our enemies to force us to do the smart thing, which is the pattern of American foreign policy. But it’s a terrible way to run a railroad.


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