Faster, Please!

Life Among the Mullahcrats

There is no denying the antic chaos that reigns in Tehran. If any Western government had a sense of humor, and a desire to challenge the legitimacy of Khamenei, Ahmadi-Nezhad and rest of them, we could have a daily Iran Comedy Hour, consisting of reprints from the Iranian press and its attentive bloggers.

This this, for example, from the failed reformists at Rooz:

A day after an advisor to President Ahmadinejad and the director of Iran’s Department of Environment denied reports of the dissolution of the High Council for the Environment, the department’s vice president resigned from his post in protest, and announced , “I am no longer willing to work with the Department of Environment under any circumstances.” Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the judiciary confirmed the reports that the husband of Ahmadinejad’s advisor was arrested for engaging in illegal financial activities.

Earlier this week, news broke out that the government intends to dissolve the High Council for the Environment along with 28 other government organizations. Nevertheless, an hour before the administration’s spokesperson Elham, confirmed the report, the organization’s director and Ahmadinejad’s advisor, Fatemeh Vaez-Javadi, claimed that the report was cooked up by “unemployed journalists.” Few minutes later, the administration’s spokesperson confirmed the news.

Maybe this all comes from the mullahs’ close working relations with the Chinese, who after all gave us the Marx Brothers’ routine known as the Chinese Fire Drill. But it’s also deep in Persian DNA. Have a look some day at the wonderful book, “”The Adventures of Haji Baba of Ispahan,” arguably the best treatment of Persian culture.