Germans, Russians and Ayatollahs...

Some fifty German companies are under investigation for illegally helping the Iranian nuclear program, AFP reports.

What’s interesting here is the flow chart: from Germany through Poland to Russia and on to Iran. A bit confusing, perhaps, which might explain AFP’s little blunder:


The project has been hit by a series of delays and financial difficulties, which has seen Russia and Moscow accuse each other of not living up to their obligations.

To be sure, the Russian hinterland has often been in conflict with Moscow, but not on this occasion. They mean Russia and Iran. But the intimacy between the two countries has been so great that if you were writing this story quickly, you might be forgiven for the error. The Iranian nuclear program comes above all from the Russians, who collected components all over Europe, and frequently shipped (AFP does not tell us this, but it is well documented) via Belarus.

If you want to know how it all works, just ask the Clintons. Bill approved a secret agreement–negotiated by crazy Al, his vice president, with his Russian counterpart, comrade Chernomyrdin–that permitted the Russians to build the nuclear reactor at Bushehr.

This is not Putin’s baby, it goes back quite a ways.


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