Faster, Please!

The Mullahs' War on Persia

The mullahs are destroying yet another landmark of Persia’s ancient past. And it’s easy to understand why: it memorializes an anti-Islamic rebel.

Mohammad-Ali E. from Isfahan

LONDON, (CAIS) — The tomb of Firuzan commonly known as Emāmādeh Abu-lolo (or Abu Lulu) in Kashahn, Isfahan province is being destroyed by the order of the Islamic Regime.

A large crowd of Iranians have gathered outside the governor’s office on Tuesday, June 26th, to voice their objection regarding the destruction of the Iranian heritage, and a shrine which was one of the symbols of Iranian resistance against the Arab invaders in 7th century CE, and to some, a Shia and a revered Sufi.

Umar al-Khattab, the second Moslem Caliph was put to death by Firuzan in 645 CE. It is said that Firuzan was a POW captured after the fall of Ctesiphon in what is today known as Iraq, and sold as a slave. A parvenu Arab leader called Mughira ibn Shu’ba bought him and took him to Medina in Arabia for slavery work.

Most probably Firuzan was a Zoroastrian (by some accounts he was a priest), as the majority of Iranian were at the time of Arab occupation of Iran in 7th century.

“His [Firuzan] action was in response to atrocities that were committed by Arab-Muslim invaders in Iran, which resulted in massacre, rape, looting of our country – we Iranians never forgot nor forgive their crimes against us”, said one of the protestors.

The impetus for the desecration of Firuzan’s tomb came, understandably enough, from Arab “scholars”:

Mohammad Salim Al’awa, the Secretary-General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS), who believes God have “created women for pregnancy and childbirth” purposes speaking to Al-Arabiat New-agency said: “the request for its destruction was delivered to Iran by a group of Arab representatives a few months ago, after the Doha assembly at the beginning of the year. At the assembly a large number of Sunni scholars asked Iran for the destruction of the tomb”.

No wonder the Muslim world is the way it is.

And by the way, notice that Shi’ite Iran is doing a favor for Sunni religious leaders. I don’t suppose the CIA–which still seems to believe that Sunnis and Shi’ites can’t cooperate–has noticed.