Lebanon, Mullah Style

Agence France Presse gives us the latest intel from Beirut, via the Lebanese press:

A BEIRUT newspaper has reported that Fatah al-Islam, whose fighters are under siege at a refugee camp in the north of the country, had planned a September 11-style attack on Lebanon.
“This information was obtained by questioning arrested Fatah al-Islam members,” An-Nahar said, without identifying its sources.

The paper also said that explosives seized in the country’s second largest city Tripoli, south of the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp where militants were being besieged by the army for the 15th day, came from Syria.

“Fatah al-Islam planned to attack a large hotel in the capital using four suicide truck bombs at the same time as launching suicide attacks on embassies in east and west Beirut,” the paper said.

An-Nahar also said the Al-Qaeda-inspired Islamist group “planned to launch attacks on the Shekka tunnel linking Beirut to Tripoli with the aim of cutting off the north and proclaiming an Islamic state there.”


That order of battle is right out of the Hizbollah play book: big explosions, simultaneous attacks, suicide terrorists…and then the “Islamic state.” Sounds like it was written in Tehran, doesn’t it? Or Damascus, which is now a suburb of Tehran.


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