Faster, Please!

Iran and al Qaeda

I’ve just posted a comment on NRO, noting that American generals are “shocked” to discover the extent of Iranian involvement in the Iraq terror war. That surprise goes hand in hand with what the London Times reported yesterday about al Qaeda plans for a spectacular attack on the West:

AL-QAEDA leaders in Iraq are planning the first “large-scale” terrorist attacks on Britain and other western targets with the help of supporters in Iran, according to a leaked intelligence report.

Spy chiefs warn that one operative had said he was planning an attack on “a par with Hiroshima and Nagasaki” in an attempt to “shake the Roman throne”, a reference to the West…

The report, produced earlier this month and seen by The Sunday Times, appears to provide evidence that Al-Qaeda is active in Iran and has ambitions far beyond the improvised attacks it has been waging against British and American soldiers in Iraq.

There is no evidence of a formal relationship between Al-Qaeda, a Sunni group, and the Shi’ite regime of President Mah-moud Ahmadinejad, but experts suggest that Iran’s leaders may be turning a blind eye to the terrorist organisation’s activities.

I’d suggest to the British spymasters that “the Roman throne” is probably not a reference to “the West,” but to the Vatican, but that’s not my main point here. I’m interested in that last graph: “no evidence” of an Iran/al Qaeda relationship, but maybe the mullahs are ignoring all that al Qaeda activity in Iran.

Feh. No evidence? How about the East African bombings? Or Khobar Towers? Or all those 9/11 terrorists flying with Imad Mughniyah to Europe via Tehran? Or Ramzi Binalshibh, the logistics officer of the 9/11 attacks, heading for Tehran just six days before? Or the fact that Zarqawi organized his terror network from Tehran?

And that claptrap about “turning a blind eye.” I’ve heard this cop-out for decades, it’s spook-speak they use when they don’t want trouble with a regime that they know is paying our gravediggers.

More later.