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Delayed nuke plant bolsters Iran resolve


BUSHEHR, Iran — For Iranians across the political spectrum, delays in construction of Iran’s first nuclear reactor have become proof that they have to master their own nuclear technology and resist U.N. efforts to stop them. The reactor, already eight years behind schedule, is now snagged on what Iran calls a politically motivated business dispute with longtime ally Russia.

Frustrated Iranian officials says the dispute has made them even more determined to pursue every part of the cycle that can produce either reactor fuel or fissile material for a warhead. Iran also says it wants even more than before to be able to build its own nuclear reactors without outside help.

“The pattern of Russia’s behavior has strengthened Iran’s determination to obtain the full technology to build nuclear power plants and end its dependence,” conservative lawmaker Kazem Jalali told the Associated Press on Saturday.


Ali Akbar Dareini has three or four guys who echo the last line, but “Iran resolve” requires more than a few names. This from the same al-AP that considers the tens of thousands of teachers and workers who demonstrated across the country the past week or so…marginal.

So three-four guys is a national reaction, but tens of thousands is a nuisance of nobodys.

I wonder what the deep thinkers over at Foggy Bottom make of it all?

I know, I know, it’s St Patrick’s Day, they are all celebrating…


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