If You Want to Understand the Violence Against the Mullahs...

Just read this email I received this morning:

We the political parties of Balochistan-Iran passionately appeal to you to take the necessary actions urgently to stop imminent execution of an innocent 17 years old Baloch teenager Mr. Saeed Kamberzai by the Iranian regime.


According to yesterday’s press interview of Zahedan’s well known anti Baloch MP Mr. H. Shahryari there are 700 Baloch detainees in the hands of armed and security forces who are in the execution queue which this teenager is one of them that his photos along many others released by the government local TV today.
It is reported that he is in imminent danger of being executed by hanging in Zahedan by the regime. He was sentenced to death without any shred of credible evidence. He was charged with utterly non-substantiated allegations of being involved in outlawed activities!
His mere age is a clear indicator of non-existence of justice for oppressed people of Balochistan under the Islamic Republic of Iran. The innocent Baloch teenager Mr S Kamberzai’s only crime is his family relation with a Baloch fighter. It shows that his arrest was arbitrary and all the alleged charges are fabrications. Hence his trial speeded up contrary to all standard norms of fair trial in everywhere in the world, except in Iran. His trial unquestionably mounts to a summary trial and inhumane sentence of execution.

Baloch people In Iran are discriminated in all aspects of life, even in the process of provision of justice. The Iranian regime made the situation in Balochistan dire and people are made subject to draconian measures. Arbitrary mass arrest followed by sever torture, summary trials of Baloch people in Balochistan is widespread as the acceleration of such unjust and cruel practices by the regime in the past few months on Baloch people is self-evident.


In the past month alone over a hundred innocent Baloch were arbitrarily rounded up and are being tortured and in Zahidan jails. Every week there is execution of innocent Baloch people. The regime carries these inhumane executions in public places with full publicity to terrorize Baloch people in order to succeed in bringing them into submission.

We once again with tress and urgency kindly appeal to you to be very prompt to take appropriate steps for necessary actions in order to spare 17 years innocent Baloch teenager Mr Saeed Kamberzai from imminent execution in the hands of the Iranian regime.

We look forward to your kind and humanitarian response to our appeal and for your active involvement in saving 17 years innocent Baloch teenager Mr Saeed Kamberzai from imminent execution.


1. Balochistan National Movement-Iran
2. Balochistan People’s Party
3. Balochistan United Front(Federal Republican)


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