Faster, Please!

If I were Putin, I'd be rooting for Hillary. And helping her, maybe.
The nuclear deal turns out to be a strategic alliance. At our expense.
Obama: It's not my fault the world is such a mess!
There’s lots more you don’t know, but should.
The enemy knows that Obama’s leaving in 5 months, so it’s best to grab while the grabbing’s easy.
Is the Mafia fighting ISIS?
There's a lot we do not know about this story, and we may never know it all.
Our leaders show open sympathy with those who incite terrorism.
Even the Obama administration may not be able to save it.
Really? Do I look like I have something to hide?
He instituted divorce and abortion, and a lot more, in Catholic Italy.
Chamberlain chose dishonor over war and got both. So did Obama.