Hungarians Just Say 'Nem' to Further Muslim 'Migrant' Invasion

(AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos

The Hungarians, who have been holding the thin blue line of western civilization against Muslim hordes for centuries, have once again risen to the task and soundly rejected an EU demand that the small, homogeneous country accept more “refugees”:


Almost all Hungarians who voted in Sunday’s referendum rejected the European Union’s migrant quotas but turnout was too low to make the poll valid, frustrating Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s hopes of a clear victory with which to challenge Brussels.

Hungary’s maverick right-wing leader, whose hardline policy on migration has been criticized by human rights groups but is popular at home, nevertheless said EU policymakers should heed the “outstanding” referendum outcome. Orban said more Hungarians had rejected the migrant quotas than had voted for European Union membership in a referendum ahead of Hungary’s 2004 accession to the bloc. Some 3.249 million votes were cast rejecting the quotas, compared with 2003’s 3.056 million votes in favor of joining the EU.

“Thirteen years after a large majority of Hungarians voted at a referendum to join the European Union, today Hungarians made their voices heard again in a European issue,” Orban said.

Just how big a victory did Orban win?

The National Election Office said on its website that 98.3 percent of those who voted had rejected the quotas with 99.97 percent of votes counted. Just 40 percent of around 8.26 million eligible people had cast a valid vote, however, less than the 50 percent needed to legitimize the result. Final results are expected next week.

Hungarians have twigged to the EU racket, which dangles economic advantages to poorer countries, then brings the iron fist of “change” down on their heads. So don’t expect Orban to give a hoot what the EU thinks. Meanwhile, the outspoken prime minister continues defending his nation’s sovereignty by effectively putting a bounty on illegal “migrants.”


Hungary is recruiting thousands of so-called “border hunters” to patrol its razor-wire boundary fence, planning to equip the special unit with night-vision goggles, riot gear and dogs in an effort to keep migrants at bay, the Washington Post reported.

The nation is hoping to attract 3,000 border hunters to support the 10,000 police officers and soldiers already trying to keep migrants – many of whom have come from war-torn Middle Eastern countries such as Syria and Iraq – at bay in Serbia, the BBC reported. Hungary hopes to have the hunters in place by May. Recruits must be 18 and pass a psychological test. They will be trained for six months before going on duty.

“Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work or the population to sustain itself or for the country to have a future,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. “Every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk.”

Sometimes the truth hurts.



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