What a Corker: GOP Senator from Tennessee Under Federal Scrutiny

Bob Corker

Bob Corker, the guy who came up with the genius idea of inverting constitutional protocol in the matter of Obama’s Iran deal, now finds himself under investigation for allegedly hinky finances:


The FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission are scrutinizing Tennessee GOP Sen. Bob Corker’s personal finances, including stock transactions involving one of the nation’s top developers of shopping centers and malls, according to multiple sources familiar with the probe.

Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a potential vice presidential pick, failed to report millions of dollars in assets and income on his annual financial disclosure until The Wall Street Journal revealed the discrepancy last fall. In the wake of that report, Corker was forced to revise years’ worth of disclosure reports.

Corker denies any wrongdoing in how he has conducted his personal finances. Approached in the Capitol on Tuesday, he declined to comment when asked if he had been contacted by federal investigators and said his office would provide a statement on the matter. A Corker spokeswoman blamed a watchdog group, Campaign for Accountability, for filing a complaint with the SEC last year that led to the current federal probe that has ensnared the Tennessee Republican.


Corker’s background, by the way, is in construction and real estate.

Nobody in Congress did more for Barack Obama in providing cover for his outrageous Iran “deal,” in which the mullahs got the Bomb and a ton of money into the bargain. And this is the thanks Corker gets… sucker! Honestly, what is the point of voting for Republicans if they are simply aiding and abetting the party in power? At what point is enough, enough?


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