What Do Donald Trump and Barack Obama Have in Common?

We know that basically nobody remembers a guy named Barry Obama during his days at Columbia University; now along come some of The Donald’s classmates at Wharton to say the same thing about him:


Donald Trump styles himself a natural-born genius with the academic credentials and business savvy to save the nation. He regularly touts his diploma from the prestigious Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania. Profiles in the 1970s and ’80s claimed he ranked No. 1 in his Ivy League class — and Trump has apparently never denied it.

But some former classmates were scratching their heads Tuesday. “He was not first in the class. He was not known on campus for any reason at all,” Wharton classmate Nancy Hano said. “I was one of only five or seven girls in the whole school. Only the smart guys would sit next to the girls because they knew the girls were bright. We never knew about him,” said Hano, now 68 and living in Riverdale in the Bronx. “And there was no ranking,” she said. “If he tries to claim he was first in the class, he should show his transcript.”

Trump, 69, attended Wharton for two years as an undergraduate after transferring from Fordham and graduated in 1968.

“I have no memory of him whatsoever,” Stanton Koppel, another Wharton classmate, said. “If he’s so proud of his accomplishments in school, he should back up his claims. Let’s see the record,” Koppel said. Trump is listed in the 1968 yearbook only as a student from Jamaica Estates, Queens, who didn’t have a senior photo.


Somebody please tell us when our long national nightmare is going to be over.




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