Actor Idris Elba: COVID-19 'Is the World Reacting to the Human Race' After We Damaged It

Idris Elba. (Source: DFID / Flickr CC BY 2.0)

Actor Idris Elba recently tested positive for the new Chinese coronavirus. But if you thought he’d be saddened by that, I have news for you. Elba believes it’s perfectly alright. You see, the COVID-19 virus is simply earth taking revenge for climate change.


“It is incredible. One of the upsides of this whole drama is that we are forced to think together as a race,” Elba told Oprah Winfrey via video chat for her new “Oprah Talks” show on Apple TV+. “Our world has been taking a kicking. We damaged our world, and it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race.”

“It’s no surprise,” he went on to say, “that a virus has been created that will slow us down, and ultimately make us think differently about our world, and ourselves. This is almost like the world’s cry-out, like, hey, hey, hey, you’re kicking me. What you’re doing is not good.”

So [what] any organism would do is try to get rid of an infection, so maybe this is it for the world,” the actor concluded thereby basically calling the human race a disease.

This, of course, is the real face of the radical-left climate change movement. They truly hate humanity, they despise it.

OK, perhaps they can sympathize with those living in Third World countries, but that sympathy stops were the First World starts. Why do I say that, you ask? Well, because the very same Idris Elba who now claims the new Chinese coronavirus is simply earth getting rid of a sickness (us) was heavily involved with the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone six years ago. Somehow, when African countries were hit by a terrible virus, he actually “attended meetings to urge world leaders to do what is necessary” to fight Ebola and even to “invest in longterm prevention and treatment strategies.”


Funny how Ebola wasn’t a sign of earth having had enough of us but the COVID-19 virus somehow is, eh?

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