Sean Hannity: 'The Only One Who Did Something Wrong Is Quid-And-Pro-And-Quo Joe' Biden

Sean Hannity blasts Joe Biden for abuse of power. Source: Sean Hannity / YouTube / Fox News.

Fox News host Sean Hannity has completely had it with Democrats’ obvious hypocrisy. They are impeaching President Donald Trump for supposedly abusing his power, while the only actual high crime or misdemeanor seems to have been committed by Joe Biden who, as vice president, got Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma.


“What have they done for you in three years?” Hannity asked his viewers about Democrats in Congress, “except for Russia, Russia, impeach, impeach, Mueller, Mueller, investigate, investigate. They haven’t done a thing.” He then pointed out that there are approximately 30 Democratic lawmakers from districts Trump won in 2016 who are supporting Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous impeachment scam.

“No moderate politician would ever support this partisan sham,” Hannity said. “There is zero evidence. One fact witness, there is nothing wrong that was done here.”

That’s when he opened a full-frontal attack on Joe and Hunter Biden. “The only one that did something wrong, that they totally and completely and utterly ignore, is Quid-and-Pro-and-Quo Joe, who knew that his zero-experience son Hunter was being investigated. So he leveraged a billion taxpayer dollars. ‘You’re not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my son,’ who was being paid millions for knowing nothing. For having zero experience. ‘You have six hours. Son of a B.’ Now, they can pretend that they’re merely carrying out their solemn duty and that they’re doing this in a very prayerful way, [but] I don’t buy it.”


Watch it:

Hannity then went on to point out that Rep. Adam Schiff’s behavior — appearing on late-night comedy shows and what not — proves that Democrats don’t take this impeachment hoax seriously. They pretend that they’re doing it prayerfully and whatnot, but when you switch on the TV, you see them laughing and joking about it. It’s absolutely shameful.



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