Ilhan Omar at Sanders Rally: 'We Need to Abolish ICE' and 'We Should All Be Proud to Be Radicals'

Ilhan Omar tells Bernie Sanders supporters in New Hampshire the U.S. needs open borders. (YouTube screenshot)

Speaking at a campaign event for Senator Bernie Sanders, Rep. Ilhan Omar said that the United States can’t claim to stand up for human rights around the world while “violating human rights at our border.”


“If you believe,” Omar said while standing in front of a crowd in Nashua, New Hampshire, “that we can no longer pretend to stand for human rights around the world while we are constantly violating human rights at our border is radical, then we should all be proud to be radicals.”

On Twitter, the congresswoman from Minnesota went even further. “We need to abolish ICE,” she said about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, “create pathways to citizenship, and welcome refugees with open arms.”

A more horrendous, irresponsible immigration policy is, of course, hard to imagine. If Senator Sanders wins the Democratic nomination and goes on to defeat President Trump in the general election, the United States will be completely overwhelmed with illegal immigration.

Thankfully, Twitter users’ responses to Omar’s insane tweet prove that Americans aren’t exactly embracing her lunacy. “Do you know how huge a role @ICEgov plays in stopping human trafficking?” one such user asks Omar. “It’s huge and I would think you’d support rescuing women and young girls for human sex trafficking. They save a lot of lives. This is ignorant, I know you’re smarter than this.”


Another Twitter user said rather succinctly: “NO!” adding that “we need to take care of our own citizens first! Our homeless, vets and more!”

A user called Karla notes that “with the exception of abolishing ICE, we already have and do those things. So it’s not necessary to marry your brother to gain citizenship.”


But my favorite response is this one:

That’s right. The more Omar opens her mouth, the likelier it is that Trump will be reelected next year.


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