[VIDEO] Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Dances in Blackface

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface. Source: Twitter.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pretends to be one of the “wokest” people on the planet — or at least one of the “wokest” leaders in the world. The guy is truly terrible. Whenever given the opportunity, he wastes little time to explain that white heterosexual men should feel horrible about themselves, while everybody else — especially women, LGHTQ, and Muslims — are victims. Always.


Sadly for him, however, videos have surfaced of him in blackface. These videos prove that Trudeau’s wokeness is nothing more or less than an electoral ploy. He’s playing politics, and he’s using the naive youngest generation to get away with it.

Although the other videos and photos of him in blackface were shocking enough, a new high-quality video of Trudeau in blackface has now appeared… and it’s even worse. Just watch this:

As RedState points out, Trudeau is “wearing an afro and appears to, again, have dyed multiple parts of his body, from his legs and arms to his tongue. He also ripped up his jeans and appears to have enhanced his crotch area.”

In the not-too-distant past, videos like this one were enough to make anyone in politics resign. And I don’t even want to think about what the Left would do if Trudeau was conservative. That would’ve been war. W.A.R.


Oh yes, Rachel Maddow would talk about it day and night, her friends at MSNBC (I don’t know any other hosts… I mean, let’s face it, who actually watches any of them?) the same… and that’s not even to mention all those rabid liberals at CNN who can’t wait to accuse conservatives of racism day in, day out.

But, because Trudeau is supposedly “woke,” he gets away with it. He’s in blackface, he makes his crotch bigger, and it’s all on video… but nobody on the left calls on him to step down. What a bunch of hypocrites.



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