Poll: Elizabeth Warren Destroys Bernie, Becomes Biden's Progressive Challenger

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

According to the latest Fox News poll, former Vice President Joe Biden continues to enjoy a commanding lead among Democratic primary voters. At this moment, 31 percent of Democrats say they intend to vote for President Barack Obama’s former right-hand man.


That’s the good news for him. The bad news is that these numbers haven’t improved over the course of the months. The Democratic-Media Complex has relentlessly pushed him as the inevitable nominee, but as many as 69 percent of Democratic voters clearly disagree with that assessment. For now.

Some things have changed behind Biden. Senator Bernie Sanders, long the darling of the far left, has been overtaken by Senator Elizabeth Warren. And by “overtaken” I mean: “Is completely and utterly destroying” the elderly socialist guy:

Next is Elizabeth Warren at 20 percent, Bernie Sanders at 10 percent, and Kamala Harris at 8 percent. Warren’s move up came in steady steps. From March to May she gained 5 points, then 3 more in July, and 8 more in August — for a total 16 percentage-point increase. During that same time, Sanders dropped 13 points (from 23 percent in March to 10 percent now).

This is a very significant development. If this process continues — and I suspect it will — Sanders is all but done. He came very close in 2016, but one of the reasons for his success back then was his continued rise in the polls. His supporters and other Democrats who didn’t support Hillary Clinton thought he could actually pull it off, which improved his numbers even more.

Now, it seems that if there is going to be a strong ultra-progressive challenger to the establishment candidate — Biden — it will be Warren. Or, as President Trump prefers to call her: Pocahontas.


Interestingly, both Warren and Biden are essentially establishment creatures. Sanders truly was an outsider, which is why the Democratic leadership did everything in their power to prevent him from winning four years ago. Warren, on the other hand, is as palpable to Nancy Pelosi and her ilk as Biden. Better yet, she may even be better in their view because she’s a woman. And one with a tiny, tiny, tiny drop of Native American blood at that!

Thankfully, this makes it easier for Trump to take her on. After all, Warren is a creature of the Washington, D.C., swamp he came to clean up.



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