British PM May: 'From Now Onwards, Everyone Will Automatically Be an Organ Donor'

Prime Minister Theresa May speaks during the Conservative Party Conference on Day Four Conservative Party Conference, Day Four, Manchester, UK - 04 Oct 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

Not too long ago, the British Tories were actually conservative. This meant that, among other things, they valued the individual and his rights. One of his most important rights was, the average Tory would’ve told you ten years ago, the “right” to be the master of his own body.


Well, those days belong to the past now. Today, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that everyone will now be considered an organ donor unless they opt out of the system. This means, in effect, that the state will decide what will happen with your body when you die, unless you explicitly and loudly object.

In other words, the sanctity of the individual has been thrown onto the ash heap of history in England. That’s bad enough, but what makes this even worse is the fact that this totalitarian, 1984-esque policy has been implemented by a supposedly conservative government.

As Donald Trump would undoubtedly say: Sad!


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