Hotmail Has Been Down for Hours... Wait, People Are Still Using Hotmail?

Microsoft Corp. retail store employees and guests mingle at a pop-up Microsoft Store during Microsoft's annual meeting of shareholders, in Bellevue, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

Apparently, there are still are people who use Hotmail (or, as it’s called now: Outlook). The BBC reports that Hotmail/Outlook has had serious technical issues today. Better said, the system has been down for hours. And hours. And hours.


Microsoft has confirmed that some users of its email service Outlook are unable to send email or access their accounts. Hundreds from around Europe have commented on the website Downdetector that they have been affected by the problem – many since Monday morning. One common issue seems to be that sent emails remain in the drafts folder and are not being delivered to recipients. On its website, Microsoft says the service dropped “unexpectedly” and it is working on a fix.

What’s most striking about Hotmail’s technical issues are the reactions of Twitter users. The overwhelming sentiment is: “Wait, people are still using Hotmail?”

I couldn’t resist:

Even Hotmail users are making fun of themselves and the email client:


And then there’s some golden advice for all those misguided folks still using Hotmail:


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