Ann Coulter Turns Against Trump Over Border Wall: 'I Thought He'd Help OUR Country'

Ann Coulter waves to the audience after speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

Conservative rabble rouser and 2016 Trump supporter Ann Coulter is suddenly turning against the man she supported during the GOP primaries and the presidential elections. Coulter, who told voters for months (if not years) that Trump was the man who would make America great again, is now suggesting that Vice President Mike Pence would make a better president.


The final straw that caused Coulter to go from prolific supporter to critic was the Trump administration’s decision not to get rid of Obama’s executive amnesty:

She added:

That tweet about “the wall” apparently set her off even more:

Next, Coulter added that Pence could soon replace Trump as president if he embraced the building of Ann’s precious wall:


And she wasn’t done quite yet:

Of course, Trump has cut regulations, left TPP, left the Paris climate accord, and added trillions to the stock market, but none of that matters to Coulter. It’s all about the border wall to her. As long as Trump doesn’t build the big, magnificent wall he promised during the campaign, Coulter will go after him like a lioness hunts down a naive impala.


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