Liberal Columnist Complains: 'Women Get Manterrupted All The Time!'

Kamala Harris (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

We are witnessing the spectacular death of feminism:

TO BE A woman is to be interrupted.

Correction: To be female is to be interrupted. By the time most girls reach their first day of school, they already know how it feels to be drowned out by a chattering group of boys.

From classrooms to corporate workspace to the chambers of the US Supreme Court, women often find themselves asking a question or making a salient point when a man decides that what he has to say is more important. Maybe she “isn’t telling the story the right way,” which means his way. Most threatening of all, she may be challenging him in a way he simply can’t abide.

There’s a word for it: “manterrupting,” a cultural sibling of the equally annoying “mansplaining.” And there’s even an app for that: Woman Interrupted, which tracks how many times a man cuts off a woman in a conversation.


The author of the piece, Renée Graham, is a feminist. Although men are not allowed to comment on women and their issues, she clearly believes she knows exactly how we think. Who gave her that insight into the male psyche? Well, she did, of course. After all, she’s a woman. And women are now deemed superior beings, whereas men are little more than cockroaches.

One of the examples she offers of “manterrupting” is this:

Women seethed when Kamala Harris, a former prosecutor who now represents California in the Senate, was forced to end her tough questioning of Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a hearing on possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. When Sessions sputtered, “I’m not able to be rushed this fast. It makes me nervous,” John McCain and Richard Burr swooped in quickly to cut Harris off. One might have thought “nervous” was Sessions’s safe word.

According to Graham, it was the second time a man had the audacity to “shut down” Senator Harris. In both cases she firmly believes that the reason for it was, wait for it, her being a woman.


After this latest incident, her colleague Ron Wyden tweeted: “Again [Harris] was doing her job. She was interrupted for asking tough questions.”

Harris was also interrupted because she’s a woman.

Nonsense. Harris was interrupted because she went berserk during the hearings. It doesn’t matter that she’s a woman; what matters is that she’s a leftist hack who uses her power and influence to discredit Republicans. There’s literally nobody who is thinking about her reproductive organs — well, except for gender-obsessed leftists like Ms. Graham, that is.

As every married man in the world knows, women have the habit of interrupting men rather frequently. But of course, that’s not a problem. No, there’s only a problem when the person doing the interrupting happens to be male and the “victim” female. Women interrupting each other: no problem. Women interrupting men: good for ya! But a man interrupting a woman? It’s proof that we live in a patriarchy!

The sheer insanity of it is hard to fathom, but these modern-day feminists are so filled with hatred for their own culture and for men in general that they don’t even realize how crazy they are.



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