Jihadi John II: British Extremist Beheads Terrified Prisoner in Shocking New ISIS Video

Mohammed Reza Haque, London, Britain; Haque, 35, is believed to have appeared in an Isis video alongside four other members of the jihadist group. (Rex Features via AP Images)

ISIS has found another radical-Islamic Brit willing to butcher innocent hostages:

Mohammed Reza Haque, 36, is depicted in the video using a serrated hunting knife to cut off a prisoner’s head in the middle of a barren desert.

The vile killer was likened to extremist Mohamed Emwazi – dubbed ‘Jihadi John’ – who beheaded five western hostages on video, after murdering his victim in an almost-identical fashion.


Emwazi was known as “Jihadi John,” ISIS’ most infamous executioner. Before he was finally taken out by an American drone, Emwazi slaughtered at least five prisoners: David Haines and Alan Henning from Britain, and Americans James Foley, Peter Kassig and Steven Sotloff. Although it was a great day for humankind when Emwazi was finally killed, he’s now been succeeded by another radical Muslim from Britain: Mohammed Reza Haque.


Haque was radicalized many years ago. From 2011 onwards, Haque was a bodyguard of Anjem Choudary, perhaps Britain’s most infamous radical-Islamic preacher. Choudary was imprisoned in September for inciting support for ISIS.

On Remembrance Sunday in Britain back in 2011, Haque could be seen burning poppies near the Royal Albert Hall in London. When the crowd observed a two-minute silence for British soldiers fallen in war, Haque and his radical friends chanted, “Burn British soldiers; burn in hell.”


In other words, the British authorities knew Haque was a radical Muslim and terrorist sympathizer. Yet, they did nothing. He was just charged with a  “public offense.” Amazingly, the politically correct judge decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. His boss and main mentor, Choudary, was found guilty but was also let off the hook with a 50-pound fine.


Although Haque was being watched by MI5, he was able to travel to Cyprus from Britain. Next, he went from Cyprus to Istanbul, and then he traveled by land to the Turkish-Syrian border. At no point was he stopped and interrogated. He could do as he pleased, which has now resulted in him proudly participating in the slaughter of men accused of being “spies” in a new ISIS propaganda video.


Tougher measures are needed against radical Muslims living in the West. We can’t just sit back and wait for them to start slaughtering people.


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