Is Team Trump Purposefully Humiliating Mitt Romney?

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David Frum has a point:


The problem is, of course, that Romney vocally opposed Trump from day one. He made clear time and again that he could not and would not support Trump because he thought him a rude bully without any manners. What’s more, he was convinced that Trump couldn’t win and that he would do great damage to the image of the Republican Party in the process of losing the election.

However, although many didn’t expect it, Trump pulled out a win, which changed everything. Even Romney bowed the knee eventually; he visited Trump, clearly hoping he’d be a serious contender for secretary of State.

And that’s where Romney truly went wrong.

The former Massachusetts governor is a statesman. He took a position before the election that was clear and principled. Once Trump won, he should not have backed down. Instead, he should have simply congratulated Trump for his victory, after which he should have repeated his earlier criticism, adding that he hoped he would be proven wrong.

Now, it’s true that Romney didn’t retract his earlier statements, but he did clearly grovel to Trump. That’s at least how Trump supporters and some prominent members of Team Trump interpreted his meeting with the president-elect.


At the very moment he did so, Romney should have known that he would be singled out for personal attacks and ridicule. After all, if there’s one thing we know about Trump, it’s that he loves taking revenge on those who dared oppose him in one way or another. As Frum also tweeted, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump is playing Romney like a violin:

The most prominent Trump adviser attacking Romney is (former) Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Here are just a few of her tweets:

Ben Shapiro explains:


Is Trump ordering Conway to take out Romney (to make his humiliation complete), or is she working with Steve Bannon (Trump’s chief strategist) and the Mercer family (influential Republican donors who played an important role in Trump’s strategy in the last few months of the campaign)?

My money would be on Trump. After all, Conway can’t emphasize the need for (blind) loyalty while publicly raging against her employer’s upcoming decision at the same time.

From the looks of it, it’s Trump himself who’s encouraging this political assassination of Mitt Romney. The latter could’ve prevented it by simply refusing to meet with the president-elect. Sadly, he smelled power and relented. Major mistake, Mitt: you never — ever! — give in to bullies. When you do, they just become even worse.


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