Amber Heard: Johnny Depp Is a Wife Beater

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When Amber Heard announced she would divorce Johnny Depp, many people wondered about the reason. In the official papers she cited “irreconcilable differences,” which really doesn’t mean anything.


Differences about what? How to treat the dog? What to eat for dinner? What?

Well, we now know the answer: about whether or not it is permissible to beat your wife.

Johnny Depp has been ordered by a judge to stay away from his estranged wife Amber Heard who claimed she “lived in fear” of the Pirates of the Caribbean star and was repeatedly assaulted by him.

Ms Heard, 30, had a bruise on her cheek as she appeared at a court in Los Angeles where a judge issued a domestic violence restraining order.

She claimed in a sworn declaration that Mr Depp threw his iPhone into her face last Saturday, and submitted pictures of injuries.

Heard added that this wasn’t the first time Depp used violence on her. She alleges that he has an “exceptionally scary temper” and is “paranoid due to substance abuse.” Anyone who ever saw Depp on stage or in an interview has to admit that he certainly doesn’t look like someone who hates drugs. Quite the opposite, even.

Amber Heard submitted a photo with an obvious bruise just below her eye.

Amber Heard submitted a photo with an obvious bruise just below her eye.

His soon-to-be ex-wife went on:


I live in fear that Johnny Depp will return to (our home) unannounced to terrorise me, physically and emotionally. During the entirety of our relationship Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me. I endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse which has included angry, hostile, humiliating and threatening assaults to me whenever I questioned his authority or disagreed with him.

If these allegations are true, Depp is an arrogant, violent, short-tempered megalomaniac. That doesn’t exactly make him a rarity in Hollywood, but it’s troubling nonetheless. After all, he’s routinely held up as a great star and fantastically interesting guy.

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think there’s anything even remotely fascinating about a wife beater. Men like that belong in jail, not on the big screen.


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