Seattle: Anti-Capitalists Attack Police Officers on May Day 'Celebrations'

A protester greets fellow demonstrators after he jumped onto a moving firetruck during a May Day anti-capitalism march, Friday, May 1, 2015 in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

This is how the far left rolls: they’re radicals who use violence to force their views on everybody else.

May Day protesters converged on Seattle Sunday evening. Police officers have been injured and property has been damaged as a result.


Twitter was hyperactive last evening and last night with users sharing photos, videos and personal stories of the siege taking place on Seattle’s streets. Here’s a snapshot:

Of course the “anarchist” (read: leftist terrorist) was wearing a mask. These people don’t even have the courage to publicly stand for their beliefs. They hide themselves behind masks while destroying everything in their path and pretending to stand for liberty.


The violence was so horrendous that even journalists were injured:

One officer sustained a head/facial laceration, another one was hit in the face with a rock, and yet another courageous man in blue was taken to the hospital “with a serious eye injury.”

If these events prove one thing, it’s that the far left is inherently violent. And the worst part? The mainstream media and leftist politicians let it happen. They don’t speak out against it and they couldn’t care less. That’s because they share these rioters’ goals, and couldn’t care less about the means to achieve them. They may not commit violent acts themselves, but if others do it for them, they’re more than willing to let it slide.


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