Dear Trumpkins, This Is Why Nobody Likes You

Dana Loesch is one of the few remaining conservative heroes of mine. She’s outspoken, smart, principled and brutally honest.

Because of those characteristics, Dana endorsed the only conservative left in the race. I’m talking, of course, about Senator Ted Cruz. At the same time, she regularly criticizes The Donald who, after all, is a fake conservative at best and an obvious progressive hack at worst.


Fans of Donald Trump (also known as Trumpkins) can’t quite appreciate Dana’s honesty and outspokenness. After all, “telling it like it is” is nice and all if someone tells you whatever you want to hear, but it’s slightly less pleasant when they say something you disagree with.

And so Dana and her husband Chris regularly receive some “love letters.” And by that I mean hate-filled rants from psychopaths supporting Trump, as seen on the next page.

I’d love to say that this isn’t typical, but I’m afraid it is. This is how Trumpkins behave, on Twitter, Facebook, and in comment sections of big websites. They’re vulgar and disgusting, just like their Glorious Leader.

And that, dear Trumpkins, is precisely why nobody likes you. Deal with it.


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