Muslim Reformist M. Zuhdi Jasser Blasts New York Times: 'Indistinguishable From Islamist Media'

Muslim reformer M. Zuhdi Jasser with Mark "The Great One" Levin.

Muslim reformer M. Zuhdi Jasser with Mark “The Great One” Levin.

As our own Rick Moran reported yesterday, liberal media have used a new study by the New America Foundation to pretend that white Americans pose a bigger threat to national security than Muslim radicals. Rick explains that this conclusion can’t be drawn from the report at all: it’s only possible to say so when one ignores the failed terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists. If those are included, Islamists are far more dangerous than “white Americans.”


However, that didn’t stop Mediaite from publishing an article blasting white Americans (as I wrote two days ago, white self-hate is now officially politically correct). The same can be said for the New York Times with its recent headline: “Right-wing extremists more deadly than Muslim radicals in U.S.”

Like Rick, Islamic reformer M. Zuhdi Jasser — who has decided his life to fighting radical Islam — is having none of it. He writes on Facebook:

When the New York Times becomes indistinguishable from Qatari government Islamist media at Al Jazeera:

“Right-wing extremists more deadly than Muslim radicals in U.S.”

(All the Islamism that’s fit to print)

The idiocy of this story and its data will be verified by its reproduction in every Islamist venue around the planet… all the while ISIS and the global jihad spread at home and abroad exponentially.

Of course it’s also rather ironic that the liberal media only started counting after 9/11. If those attacks are included, it isn’t even close. But hey, why would you include the single biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history when trying to determine what kind of extremists are more deadly than others?


Jasser is right: the New York Times has become as pro-Islamist as Al Jazeera, the official news outlet of Muslim radicals worldwide. “Sickening” is too weak a word to describe the current state of the liberal media in America. And they’re getting worse every single day.

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