This Picture Shows You the Shocking Truth of What Happens if You Don't Exercise for 7 Years

As a teenager, I was very much into sports. I loved playing soccer and baseball, and later started doing kickboxing. Now, I was never skinny, but I was in good shape; I could go on endlessly, wouldn’t get tired, and felt energetic.


That was then. This is now. This is what I looked like, age 30, yesterday when I exercised (fitness) for the first time in at least 7 years. Disclaimer: viewer discretion is advised. The photo is extremely shocking, not in the least because I look yellow, without energy, and — oh yeah — as intelligent as a cow.

The picture isn’t exactly flattering, but that’s precisely why I publish it here: I want you to join me on this new adventure to get back in shape. If you haven’t exercised in years, start doing it now. We’ll share our progress with each other and exchange tips on how to get fit faster.

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