Monster rally in Tehran by Teachers (20,000!)

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If anyone can find the pictures, please post them.


Iranian teachers stage massive protest in Tehran

March 3, 2007

M ore than 20,000 Iranian teachers staged a massive protest outside the mullahs’ Majlis (Iranian Parliament) and demanded that their rights. They gave two days to the regime’s officials to meet their demands otherwise they will stage another massive protest.

Iran’s teachers chanted, “To eliminate discrimination, teacher, rise up!” They also chanted slogans accusing Ahmadinejad’s government of tormenting their people and of not being truthful to them. Their slogans included, “Schools will be closed down if our problems are not resolved!” and “We will not rest until our rights are recognized.”

The teachers declared that if they do not receive their salaries and if their problems are not resolved, they will no longer teach in schools. Referring to the persecution of teachers, they called on leaders of the clerical regime to stop murdering and cutting the tongues of teachers.


The statement issued by organizers of this protest indicated that over 700,000 teachers live below the poverty line.

The regime’s security forces used different methods to prevent this protest from taking shape. They distributed false messages in leaflets and on the phones and email saying that the protest had been cancelled. They also prevented renting hotel rooms to teachers who had come from other cities to take part in the demonstration.

Iranian teachers’ courageous uprising demonstrated the will of the people of Iran for regime change. The teachers voiced the demands of 80 million Iranians who are fed up with suppression, corruption, unemployment and poverty and want democracy and popular sovereignty.


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