Armenian, Muslim Immigrant Parents Clash With Antifa Over Pride Month Programming in Public Schools

The school board wars over queer programming going on in public schools are getting hotter. In California, the Glendale Unified School District faced criticism over declaring the month of June “Pride Month,” to be celebrated in schools all the way down to the elementary level. Parents of the largely Armenian community weren’t happy about it and showed up to the school board meeting in force. Clashes with helmet-wearing Antifa erupted outside the meeting, where arrests were made.

Inside, the school board heard from the usual suspects who waxed hysterical about gay rights being somehow in danger if an entire month isn’t dedicated to them in public schools instead of having Math Month or Spelling Month where the children work on their educational goals. Many talked about deserving a “safe” place for “queer kids,” as if your average public school is a veritable gauntlet of hate crimes against queer-identifying kids. This is demonstrably false as the New York Times just reported that “acceptance” of queer kids is at an all-time high yet their mental health is steadily declining. Acceptance is not the issue.

What is the issue is that religious children are being indoctrinated into a cult to which their parents have not consented. Parents don’t want this. And yet the boards and the schools persist.

The Glendale school board voted to approve the Pride Month celebrations unanimously despite hundreds of parents coming there to tell them not to. The speakers pretended to be shocked by the violence outside, seemingly oblivious that they had silenced the voices of the parents who don’t want this material in schools. It’s bizarre that people who claim to want discourse yet keep out the voices of the opposition then get shocked and horrified when fists start flying.

In Montgomery County, Md., the Muslim community showed up in force to protest the opt-out policy adopted by the school district. Every student is now required to learn the LGBTQ propaganda and will not be allowed to opt-out.

Asra Nomani wrote on Twitter, “Montgomery County Public Schools recently refused to allow parents to opt out of indoctrination that relates to issues of sexuality and gender. As a Muslim feminist, I don’t agree with many of the conservative interpretations of my Muslim community, but I do believe and they believe in the integral right of parents to parent. During the Obama administration, Muslim groups aligned with far-left interest groups that actually contradicted the socially conservative beliefs of many Muslims. This was not going to sustain itself, I knew. I chronicle this unholy alliance in my book, WOKE ARMY. Sure enough, the hard left came after the one interest that no mama bear or papa bear is going to surrender: our kids.”

Parents of faith need to band together now and force school districts to stop indoctrinating our kids with false doctrines and cult beliefs. Gender and queer theory is based on nothing but faith and should be classified as a religion. In fact, at the Montgomery County protest, a small group of pro-LGBTQ counter-protesters from the Unitarian church stood with a sign and a member of their clergy. It appears that their beliefs are supported by religion; why should that be taught in public schools if Catholicism, Islam, or any other religion is not?

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The counter-protesters in Montgomery County were a sad group of white wine moms with weight problems and rainbow-colored, badly cared-for hair. Some of them carried in boom boxes to drown out the parents with Lady Gaga. One of them would only speak to Nomani through a bullhorn. None of these people are serious about having conversations.

Inside the meeting in Maryland, a Muslim father made a very good point that Muslims identify with their religion, and if students are going to be affirmed as the identity of their choice then they must be affirmed if they choose to identify as Muslim. The board ignored the pro-opt-out parents and voted to end the ability for parents to keep their kids from reading pornographic books about gay sex. “Please stop making this about hate. This is about parents having a choice in their children’s education,” he said. “We identify with our religion. You have to be fair and equal when accepting different identities.”

He has a point. I identify as Catholic. So do my children. It is against their religious beliefs to be indoctrinated into the queer cult. There is little chance these school policies can survive lawsuits on first amendment rights when they come. And they already have. Three families in the Montgomery County area have filed a lawsuit challenging the opt-out ban. PJ Media will follow the legal action as it continues.

You can watch my breakdown of the events below.

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