Hey Republicans! Release the Records of the Biden Payments, Dummies!

Screenshots from alleged iCloud

Sometimes I wonder how Republicans get out of bed every morning without severely injuring themselves. Take a minute to hear the truth from a strange but accurate source: sex cult leader Osho. “Democracy basically means government by the people, of the people, for the people. But the people are retarded. So let us say government by the retarded, for the retarded, of the retarded.” I feel this. 


James Comer (R-Ky.) promised he was going to release evidence of financial misconduct by the Biden family. What we got instead of bank records is a memo written by the House Oversight Committee summarizing what’s in the records.

This is not how winning works. 

Not releasing the actual records allows the White House to claim that Republicans have nothing and this is all a publicity stunt. Republicans made sure to give an incredibly boring press conference about it that will put everyone who watches it immediately to sleep. Do not listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Why do they act like this? I’m convinced Republican lawmakers are paid to lose. The AP has already started the spin for the White House.

Large transactions involving foreign payers — like the kind that Hunter and James Biden are known to have engaged in through their work — are the kinds of transactions often flagged to federal authorities.

SARs can also be filed by individuals or entities outside the financial sector, including law enforcement, public safety workers, city or state officials, business owners, and even the general public.


In other words, any political operative can file these documents and gin up what looks like impropriety. Dems did it to Trump. Even if we believe the Bidens are up to their necks in pay-to-play, Republicans haven’t served up any evidence of it yet.

The Kentucky lawmaker and some committee members and staff were recently able to view some of the thousands of pages of the Biden family’s financial records through subpoenas made to the Treasury Department and various financial institutions since January.

A handful of lawmakers immediately began talking on social media and cable news about what they had seen in the reports, asserting evidence of misconduct.

House Democrats have accused Comer and other Republicans on the committee of potentially violating the Bank Secrecy Act.

Bottom line:

  • Nobody watched that press conference except Boomer Fox News junkies who don’t need to be convinced.
  • Nobody has seen the documents except House Republicans and unnamed staffers.
  • The mainstream press will ignore it OR provide cover for the Bidens.
  • No one will be arrested.
  • The DOJ will indict Hunter Biden on some nothing charge he can get out of by paying a small fine OR will not indict him at all.
  • Nothing will change.
  • Republicans will once again live up to their reputation as blowhard do-nothings.
  • If evidence of these crimes does eventually surface, it won’t matter because everyone will believe they’ve already heard this story and that it was discredited as a political stunt.

This is how it works, folks. If I were paid opposition, I couldn’t have planned it better. Go forward with nothing, pretend it’s something, then when the something comes out everyone already believes it’s nothing, and it disappears. Are you catching on yet?

This is not incompetence. It’s carefully orchestrated.


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