Waukesha Killer Darrell Brooks Found Guilty on All Counts

Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP, Pool

After eighteen excruciating days in court during which Waukesha killer Darrell Brooks maddeningly delayed justice by defending himself with sovereign citizen rhetoric, a jury found him guilty of all charges. The charges included six counts of first-degree intentional homicide while using a dangerous weapon, 61 counts of recklessly endangering safety, six counts of hit-and-run causing death, and two counts of bail jumping — all felonies — and one count of misdemeanor battery.


Brooks sat silently — for the first time not interrupting — while Judge Jennifer Dorow read the verdict. After the second count of first-degree homicide was read, a spectator in the gallery shouted out, “Burn in hell, you piece of sh*t” and was immediately removed from the courtroom by Dorow. This is somewhat contrary to her behavior toward the defendant, to whom she had shown nauseating deference and given multiple chances when none were required. The victims’ families in the gallery received no such repeated warnings about their behavior, however, and were tossed out unceremoniously at the very first outburst.


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Brooks was captured on many videos running down parade goers, including children and senior citizens, in a red SUV during the Waukesha Christmas Parade. He offered no motivation for his crimes nor showed any remorse for the injured and dead during his closing statements on Tuesday. “My conscience is clear,” he said while regaling the jury with tales of the hardships he faces by not being able to see his children. Meanwhile, the families in the courtroom will never see their loved ones again.


The Brooks trial was streamed by many YouTubers, and huge audiences tuned in and unanimously agreed that this trial was one of the most frustrating trials court watchers have ever seen. Judge Dorow received much criticism for her lack of control of Brooks, who turned the trial into a circus with outlandish behavior and screaming fits that led him to be sequestered in a separate courtroom for much of the trial.

Brooks wasted the public’s time with ridiculous claims like he did not “consent” to being called Darrell Brooks, or that he is not the defendant but merely represented the defendant. He argued with the judge over idiocy like “subject matter jurisdiction” and complained that the State of Wisconsin is not a person and therefore cannot accuse him of a crime. But despite the repetitive and time-wasting displays by Brooks, justice has finally been served.

Lawyers who watched and commented on the trial all agreed that Brooks has no grounds for any legitimate appeal and predicted he will be locked up forever.

Sentencing has not been scheduled. The court will meet on Monday to discuss how much time will be needed to hear from the victims so the sentencing can be put on the calendar. Speaking for those of us who watched this trial, it’s a relief that it’s finally over and the victims can try to move forward and heal without having to listen to Brooks make excuses and whine that his rights were somehow violated by our justice system. I’ve watched a lot of court cases, and this one was a great example of justice served. The prosecution should be awarded some kind of medal for getting through it without losing their sanity. The judge, on the other hand, might want to consider a new profession. Dorow will be up for re-election in 2024 and based on her constant refusal to control Brooks during this trial, which resulted in dragging out the most traumatic event in recent Wisconsin history, she may be looking for a job soon.



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