Makeup Giant Ulta Goes Woke Highlighting 'Trans Girl' Dylan Mulvaney, Customer Base of Real Women Revolts


Ulta may be regretting whatever marketing “genius” came up with this idea. In a recent post on Twitter, Ulta highlighted a podcast with two grown men in makeup and wigs chatting about what it’s like to be a “girl.” The makeup giant’s target audience is obviously women. It’s probably a safe bet that over 90% of Ulta’s customers are women. The choice to put men in drag in the marketing material for a company geared toward women is backfiring big time.


#Womanface and #BoycottUlta are trending on Twitter, and the ratio of angry women telling Ulta they’re taking their business elsewhere is off the charts. It got so bad that Ulta turned off commenting on the thread.

The headline “Trans Girls Can Do It All!” really irked many women who see grown men pretending to be “girls” as a weird sexual fetish that has nothing to do with being female and everything to do with men appropriating femaleness for their own titillation. This is straight-up autogynephilia, and it’s obvious and not amusing to women in any way.

The term “womanface” refers to the correlation to the offensiveness of blackface, a thing no company would ever dream of putting in their marketing materials. But women appear to be one demographic no one has to worry about offending with gross caricatures and mockery. The trans activists have made sure that women’s voices are completely silenced in the face of male dominance as long as the males are wearing dresses.

Teen girls have been punished for asking males to leave their locker room while they are changing. Women are being told we are not allowed to listen to the instincts that tell us when danger is near or we are “transphobic.” And now makeup companies want us to roll over and buy their products as they put these money-grubbing frauds in the spotlight and demand we agree with them that the emperor is wearing fantastic threads when he is really naked.


Maybe the reign of trans terror is finally ending as women find their voices again and say loudly and proudly, “NO MORE.” We will not be told we aren’t allowed to have our private spaces, our dignity, our titles, and our sex. Being a woman is a biological experience. It is not a feeling. A man cannot be a “mother,” and we aren’t going to pretend like this is okay anymore. Our daughters deserve their sports back and the right to change in a locker room without fear. They deserve the right to privacy in the bathroom without the threat of males encroaching on their spaces as they deal with the challenges of being female, like periods.

Enough is enough. 

Mandy Stadtmiller made a video with the thousands of angry responses before Ulta shut off commenting.

The fact that #Womanface is trending and thousands of accounts critical of this clown show are not being booted off the platform for saying what we are all thinking is a positive sign. Here are some of the best ones.

Imagine being a brand who’s [sic] target demographic is women and then highlighting MEN engaging in misogyny and the appropriation of womenhood. [sic] Pathetic #WomanFace,” said Gina Fonesca.


Last I checked, makeup, ponytails and nylons do not make someone a woman, and adult men definitely cannot become little girls. #boycottulta #WomanFace #TransWomenAreMen,” tweeted “FemaleAthlete.” 

One of the things that bothers me the most is that these men want to claim womanhood and oppression but they have no problem marginalizing women who have a problem with it. No one gets nastier to women than a man claiming to be [a] woman who gets called out. #boycottulta #womanface,” wrote CaitieCat.

Women’s Declaration International took the opportunity to scoop up all the new converts to gender-critical feminism with this tweet asking women to sign the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights.

My favorite response so far has been this one from Arté.


Word. It’s way beyond time that women stand up together and fight back against the misogynistic movement seeking to remove all of our sex-based rights. They’ve already codified it into law in many places, and our daughters no longer have the right to complain about males in their locker rooms and bathrooms in public schools. It is an outrage, and it must stop now.


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