DUMP THE MOUSE: Places to Take Your Kids This Summer That Aren't Disney

Courtesy of Megan Fox

If we don’t stop giving Disney money, then we deserve the gender-confused hell that the radical LGBTQWTFERS are trying to cook us in. But it’s going to mean saying “NO” when Johnny and Suzy want to visit Mickey Mouse. Don’t fret. There are plenty of places where you can take a family for the $5,000-$10,000 it’s going to cost you to go to Walt Disney World. And none of them include waiting in line for two hours or paying extra for “fast passes” (that aren’t very fast) or camping out on a hot Florida sidewalk for an hour before a parade starts. The truth is, WDW isn’t that much fun anymore.

So where else can you go? It’s a great big country, and there are great big adventures waiting out there for you and your kids that don’t involve supporting members of the Gendergeddon cult that wants to trans your kids and cut off their genitalia.

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Let’s start with our magnificent and spectacular National Parks!


In 2020, my family had a Disney trip booked before the Chinese bat flu hit. We decided that we would lose the $200 deposit and take the rest of our funds to rent an RV and drive to Yellowstone. It was the trip of a lifetime. I will never forget it. It was a summer of awakening for me to the fact that I still love to stare at clouds, that bare toes in freezing mountain streams are exhilarating, that the family dog deserves to come on vacation too, and that everyone thrives when there is no cell phone service. We drove from New York to Wisconsin and enjoyed family and cheese and beer. We then headed to South Dakota and saw the Badlands (which are insanely cool) and Mount Rushmore in all its glory and hiked the beautiful Black Hills.

We stayed at campgrounds along the way, like in Wyoming where the children shrieked with joy to find a pool waiting for them at the end of a very hot day. My beloved German Shepherd Moose, who passed shortly after the trip, and I spent every morning exploring new campgrounds and sitting contentedly watching the sunrise over fields of cows grazing.

When we finally made it to Yellowstone, we had already had an epic journey! Yellowstone is indescribable. The best I can do is tell you that it’s like what I imagine another planet to look like. It’s the most bizarre and beautiful place I’ve ever seen. The ground is boiling and erupting. There are monolithic earth sculptures just sitting there and mountains of white mineral deposits that look like crystals. It’s so weird and yet not weirder than teachers trying to convince your little boy he’s a girl. 

There are rodeos every night and the most amazing barbecue you have ever eaten. Camping to me is the greatest vacation on earth. I know some of you prefer hotels, but I like to dig my toes into the grass and sit by a campfire and watch the stars. That trip changed my life for the better. It grounded me during a time of absolute chaos. When we left New York it was like we were bolting for freedom, and we found it. We found sanity in South Dakota and freedom in Montana. It gave us hope that this country would never be completely compliant and that we would have a place to run if we needed to. Coming back was hard. But the memory of it is still there. Freedom exists. It’s not dead, and there are places to go where others feel similarly.

I can’t tell you how many times during that trip Mr. Fox and I looked at each other and laughed with delight that the greedy Mouse wasn’t getting any of our money or time. And the children? They still talk about it as the greatest trip of their lives. They had a precious 17 days with our beloved Moose in close quarters as the cancer was taking him away from us before we even knew. We will always be grateful we had that time with him instead of leaving him with a sitter while we stood in line for Big Thunder Mountain.

White Mountain National Forest

I may make it a goal to get to every national park in this country, and I’m on my way. White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire is magical. After taking a train to the top of Mt. Washington, we spent some time rock jumping into an ice-cold natural pool. It must have been 50-degree water, but I never felt anything better in my whole life. And if you go there, make sure you eat at Reklis Brewing Company. You will not regret it.

New Hampshire lives up to its motto: “Live Free or Die.” We traveled there in 2021 when New York was still in Wuflu panic mode. Life was normal there. No one was bothering anyone about masking or social distancing. People were eating inside. It was lovely.

Mount Washington is in New Hampshire, too. You can take a train to the very top, and the view is supposed to be spectacular. When we were there it was full of mist, but it was still fun and no one asked us our pronouns the entire trip. Crazy, right?

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Acadia National Park

Maine is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever visited. This place is so special. And everywhere you go in Maine there’s lobster on every corner, and it’s cheap! The food is amazing. The hikes are incredible. You will totally forget that trans-activists are queering up Disney cartoons while you’re in a place like this.

Old Forge, N.Y.

New York is a big state, and as it’s my new home state I did some exploring last year that took us to Old Forge. This place is spectacular in natural beauty with so many opportunities to go boating, canoeing, kayaking, and more. It’s incredible. This earth we are living on is truly the best entertainment available, and most of it is free.

So get out there and enjoy yourselves, but do it far away from Walt Disney World and Disneyland. We have to get serious if we want this garbage to stop and for corporations to start staying neutral in the political battles. We have to make it hurt. Let Disney try to pay the bills with the paltry offerings of basement-dwelling pink-haired trans otherkin who are on disability because they can’t work due to their vast number of mental disorders. I’m sure that will work out well for them. In the meantime, the normies need to turn off the spigot.



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