Ron DeSantis Makes Teen Rebellion Great Again

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Our children have been terrorized for way too long by “science” that isn’t real peddled by politicians who only care about their polling numbers. How do I know? Because the second the polls took a nosedive for Democrats around the masking of children in schools they suddenly decided there’s no more need for masking. Did the COVID numbers change? No. It was literally the fact that their reelection hopes plummeted so low that there was probably a meeting (and I bet Chuck Schumer was there) where the prevailing sentiment was, “Oh sh*t! It’s time to reverse course.” There is literally no other explanation. Go try to find one. I dare you. (Get back to me with actual COVID numbers that are different today than they were on Monday when the mask mandates were still a thing.)


Those of us over here on the right side of history have been saying that masks don’t do anything to protect you from an airborne virus (like the back of the box said) from the beginning of this. Even Saturday Night Live knows it’s true. But now the outrage of the week is here and it’s in the form of the greatest governor on the face of the earth, Ron DeSantis (Heavy D!), telling college kids to take off the useless pieces of cloth over their faces because it’s “ridiculous” because, well, it is. You know it, I know it, SNL knows it…and so does everyone complaining about this.

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Cut to the breathless reporting of leftist news anchors decrying DeSantis’s gall of telling kids what to do and the mother of one of the students who now says he felt “pressured” to take the mask off his face because the “authority figure” told him to. Give me a break, Junior. You totally wanted to. But, whatever, I get it. Mom’s listening now. And by the way, why isn’t your mom wearing a mask?


Something is deeply wrong with teenagers today. When I was their age I was gassing up my car to drive three hours to party with my boyfriend at Purdue while my parents thought I was at a speech meet. I got grounded for three months for that. (Worth it, by the way. He was a ripped swimmer with an 8-pack you don’t see very often.) I don’t want to give my 80-year-old father another heart attack (sorry Dad), but when I was in my late teens I was at illegal warehouse raves in sketchy neighborhoods in Chicago expanding my universe. In other words, I was taking risks as normal kids do. I was pushing boundaries and flipping the bird to authority. I don’t regret any of it.

What the hell is wrong with kids these days? As dangerous as those things I did were, they weren’t half as dangerous as teaching kids to obey authority. If I died because of my own dumb choices, at least they were mine. I am extremely concerned that adults are teaching children to obey no matter what. Has anyone considered what this really means—especially for girls as they grow older? Never question authority! Is that wise? Ask the victims of Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein.

I told my twelve-year-old today, “Listen to that voice inside you. If it says no, you have my permission to tell anyone in no uncertain terms that you do not comply.” Who are the people who are telling their teens to comply at any cost? Slaves. That’s who.

Do you like being told what to do, where to go, when to do it, for how long, and with whom? If so, then follow that lady’s advice above. If not, then follow the non-compliers. There’s a powerful word you can use that will take you places. That word is “no.” Try it out for a spin. It feels really good. You know what else feels good? Doing what you want, when you want, without caring what anyone thinks. Sure, this can be taken to an extreme and extremes are never good, but sometimes you have to just do you. And if there is ever a time to do that…it’s in college. I can’t think of anything worse than still being under the thumb of your Karen mother in college. Grow up, son. Be a man and do what you want for once in your life. Try things. Make mistakes. Have fun. Take the face diaper off. Think for yourself like you did when DeSantis gave you the permission to do it.


It’s sad to say but at this point the kids today do need someone in authority to tell them to take off the masks. My daughter came home after her first day at school without one saying that she felt like she was doing something “illegal” all day and always feeling she was about to be yelled at. This is not okay.

Take them off and tell anyone who gives you crap about it to pound sand. This is America. Land of the free and home of the brave. Be brave. Take off the mask and tell your Mommy to police herself and leave you alone. Ron DeSantis is right. He didn’t force college kids to take it off; he said “it’s ridiculous” but “if you want to wear it then, fine.” That’s a lot different than the government demanding you wear it, or else! DeSantis gave permission for young humans to be…young humans again and I applaud him for it. Let’s make teen rebellion great again. These compliant automatons are freaking me out.






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