[WATCH] Russell Brand Lights Up Brian Stelter With Hilarious Impression

Matt Sayles

Many people have mocked CNN anchor Brian Stelter, like Townhall’s own Kurt Schlichter (who calls Stelter a potato at least once a day), but no one has nailed his personae quite like Russell Brand. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen so far in 2022. More of this, please.


If you are not tuning into Russell Brand’s podcast on YouTube, you are missing out. He is so funny and so right about so many things, the left is probably digging around frantically looking for that one time in 1987 that he might have said a doubleplusungood word while high on cocaine that they can spin into a cancelation. The good news for us is that Brand is incredibly honest about his history of drug use and alcoholism and so anything the corporate media hounds might dig up on him is probably something he’s already shared with his audience.

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Here’s the full video if you’d like to see the whole thing. Enjoy.


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