The Radical Left is Showing Liberals and Conservatives That We Can Be Friends Again

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Do you remember, and it wasn’t that long ago, when it was common for liberals and conservatives to be friends? Rush Limbaugh famously had a friendship (or maybe they were frienemies) with Democrat fixer James Carville and his conservative wife Mary Matalin. At one time Hollywood would acknowledge that not only did likable conservatives exist, but liberals could and did love them. Family Ties was the best example of that, with Alex P. Keaton clinging to his briefcase and framed photographs of Ronald Reagan while his parents sang hippie ballads and agitated against nuclear proliferation. Neither side was taken too seriously, but each was presented as a valid way to view life. Each was seen as lovable, normal, and good.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had the fiery black conservative Uncle Phil who didn’t take any nonsense from anyone and who demanded excellence from his family and would not hear excuses of any kind. Can you imagine Hollywood writers today giving us a black conservative character we are supposed to love? It simply doesn’t happen anymore. If they do write a Republican into a show, you can rest assured they’re the killer, the bad date, the loser, or the class snob.

No one has the heart to write an Alex Keaton anymore because the radical left that has taken over Hollywood hates all conservatives and wouldn’t dream of inviting one over to dinner unless they were the victim of a brutal killing that a blue-haired non-binary character would solve. I would challenge Michael Patrick King, the showrunner of the abominable And Just Like That, the Sex and the City reboot to name one conservative person he knows and socializes with who voted for Trump. I have a feeling he would stare blankly.

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My recent YouTube commentaries about the terrible show that is making everyone on both sides of the political spectrum angry have been creating a lot of conversation that needs to happen in America if we are going to reclaim our identity. We are supposed to be people who argue fiercely, but shake hands when the debate is over and break bread together realizing that we’re all on this ship and we need one another to keep it going. The comments that I received on my videos have been especially heartwarming to me after years of feeling like I will be instantly hated and rejected by anyone left of center (and even sometimes center people) if they find out what I do or what I think. (I’ve literally turned books around on my shelves when neighbors came over so I could avoid the “Why do you read Ann Coulter and Ayn Rand?” judgment and just have a nice game of cards. It didn’t work, btw. They soon found out my political leanings and never spoke to me again.)


I’ve been recording myself reading news commentary about And Just Like That with my own take on it and when reading a Washington Times piece, I made the distinction that the difference between “liberal” and “radical left” should be explained and separated. I long for the liberals of twenty years ago. Give me a liberal like James Carville any day over the radicalized authoritarian fundamentalist gender-obsessed church ladies running the Democrat party today. A truly liberal person might vote Democrat, but they also still value free speech and are against compelling others to adhere to speech codes or thought policing or forcing anyone to bake a cake they don’t want to bake.

You can’t be a liberal if you hate liberty for your political opposition. You can’t call yourself a liberal if your values include shutting the other side up with big tech censorship and compelling behavior through force. A true liberal would stand for a debate and go out to drinks with their opponent afterward—not set the building on fire so an opposing view can’t be heard (like Antifa did in Berkeley to keep Milo Yiannopoulous from speaking). A true liberal adheres to the belief that I may hate what you say but I will die defending your right to say it. After I explained my views on what the difference between a radical leftist and a liberal is, I received this comment.

Yes, radicals are different from liberals. THANK YOU for the clarification!! I consider myself a liberal woman of color, but I don’t like this show’s tokenized version of POC. Nor do I agree with how “woke” this show is trying to be, making up for the complete LACK of POC on SATC. I know you’re a conservative, but I enjoy your videos about AJLT and am a subscriber. We feel the same way about this show … The problem between liberals and conservatives has more to do with generational differences. I am a Gen Xer. I probably have more in common with you and the [columnist] than I do with a “liberal” Gen Zer/millennial tw*t. I don’t group all conservatives in the same pile. So I hope conservatives will have the same consideration when it comes to liberals.


This comment gave me hope that maybe we can start making friends on the other side again. I despise an echo chamber (which is why I don’t like alternative social media set up by conservatives). There is nothing more fun than a robust debate with people who see the world differently than you but can agree that we’re all still Americans who love our country and each other.

The radical left is doing a better job than I ever could illustrating to run-of-the-mill liberals why they might want to separate from them soon. A perfect example is this stupid show, And Just Like That, which pushes radical gender and critical race ideology down your throat with a toilet plunger. I don’t think they even know what they have done, but normal people who have voted Democrat for the last thirty or so years are thinking, “who the hell are these terrible people?”

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They’re normalizing cheating without regard for one’s spouse, which is making everyone mad as hell, and forcing people to use pronouns that don’t easily flow off the tongue without damaging the English language and our understanding of it. They’re telling us that children should be able to make their own life-changing decisions at the age of thirteen with direction from know-it-all teachers and administrators. And by the way, after two years of COVID and teachers’ unions playing with our kids’ educations, there is hardly a parent alive right now who isn’t giving their school administrators the side-eye and a very short leash. Setting up school administrators as people who are the experts on what’s good for our kids is incredibly tone-deaf. Parents are barely tolerating the school situation as it is. Have you seen any school board meetings lately?


What I’ve discovered through roasting AJLT is an entire community of people, some liberal, some conservative, but all of whom are united in disgust of what radical leftism is doing to entertainment. It’s an excellent opportunity to reach out, and so here I am. If we want America back, we need to make friends with each other again. So let’s do it while drinking cosmos and dragging this awful, terrible, no-good show.

Another great thing to come out of the worst show ever made is that it has created an entirely new category of entertainment on YouTube. There are so many great channels creating funnier content than Michael Patrick King can even dream of now. I think that if this continues, there is a good chance that the entertainment we have wanted will become that which we create. A Twitter account going by the handle Miranda Hobbes’ Cheap Wig has posted a great thread of entertainment that has popped up around this terrible show.

My favorites are Real Housewives Recaps where Jenifer and her husband Jay make hilarious parodies of the show called “And Woke Like That” and actress and beauty vlogger Cate the Great Beauty who does a Samantha Jones impression that is better than any Saturday Night Live act you’ve ever seen. Warning: language and adult content (it’s Samantha Jones. What would you expect?)


These ladies are all amazing and so fun. I want to be friends with all of them, and I don’t care who they voted for. If we cared about that less and about each other more, maybe it wouldn’t matter so much.


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