Kent State Professor Doesn't Think Violent Rapes in School Bathrooms Are a 'Safety Issue'

On the Dr. Phil show, Kent State Associate Professor Dr. Suzy D’Enbeau made the shocking claim that the violent rape of a girl in the bathroom of a Loudoun County school perpetrated by a boy in a dress was not a “safety issue.” Debating the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, D’Enbeau tried to brush off the threat of bathroom rape in America’s schools due to the woke ideology that says anyone should be able to use any bathroom regardless of sex.


“Loudoun County is a famous case that the Daily Wire helped uncover. There was a gender non-conforming boy who went into the girls’ restroom and violently raped a young girl,” said Walsh, discussing the controversy over letting high school bathrooms become gender-neutral spaces. “What about the feelings of the girls getting raped?”

Dr. D’Enbeau responded, saying, “I’m not trying to minimize your concern around it but I don’t know if it’s a safety issue.”

What? How is the rape of girls not a safety issue, professor? That is outrageous. Why are people behaving like they cannot see the giant train barrelling down the track at 110 miles an hour and blowing its horn? The girls are not safe with these rules, ma’am! It’s not hard. It’s a basic safety issue. Boys have no business being in girls’ bathrooms. Anyone with a penis has no business in a high school girls’ bathroom.

I have long understood (and I think most women do) that out in public, there might be a trans person in the bathroom with me and if I can’t tell and everyone is minding their business, no one is harmed. Blaire White using the women’s bathroom is not going to make anyone look twice. (And frankly, it would be really weird if she went into a men’s room. That would cause an uproar, while no one would even notice her in a ladies’ room.)

But the new woke rules say anyone can use any bathroom they like based on how they identify at any moment. So-called “non-binary” people often fluctuate their identity from day to day. These are not people who have spent a year or more living as the opposite sex and who are just trying to blend in that we’re talking about. A man with a full beard could walk into a ladies’ room and no one is supposed to say anything! Do they not understand how this gives predators a green light to hunt in our bathrooms and locker rooms? What is wrong with everyone? Have they been lobotomized?


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How can D’Enbeau, a biological woman with an education who knows the dangers of being a woman, sit on national television and claim that violent rape is not a “safety issue” for girls?

Our children are under attack by woke gender ideology that is not based in reality, and whose proponents do not care what danger they put our girls in as long as they get what they want. They are selfish, they are stupid, and they must lose this battle. If you look like this guy below, you belong in the men’s room or in a single-use stall, even if you wouldn’t hurt a fly. That’s not what matters. What matters is that men who will violently rape me or my daughters also look like you, and if you give them permission to come into my bathroom without turning anyone’s head or setting off any alarms you are putting me and all women in grave danger. Why are you doing this? What do you gain? Kudos from the woke crew who haven’t thought this through? What a sorry excuse for a man this person is. Men are supposed to protect those weaker than them. Instead, this man and other selfish jerks like him are putting themselves and their desires over the safety of women and children. What a disgrace. If the Titanic were to go down today, men like him would take the lifeboats and leave the women and children behind to drown.


Watch this woman sell out her gender to the gods of gender ideology. When more women are raped, it will be because of people like her and the selfish men leading this fight to destroy the rights of biological women in favor of biological men.


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