The Limbaugh 'Media Montage' Lives On! Little-Known Twitter Hack Exposes Left-Wing Talking Points

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Most of you probably remember Rush Limbaugh’s “Media Montage” segments, where he would catch members of the media all using the same terminology about the same topic during the same broadcast week. One that was particularly grating was the overuse of the word “gravitas” to describe Dick Cheney. Rush would splice all these people together—one after the next—blurting out the exact same canned narrative. It was epic. The media hated it. They could no longer get away with the massive brainwashing exercise no had one noticed until Rush came along and ruined it for them.

A quick search of my 24/7 Rush Limbaugh account shows several funny examples of this. Here’s one where everyone was saying Obama brought the economy “back from the brink!”

RUSH: Folks, we’ve put together a montage here. Changing gears here now because we’re going to get to your phone calls after the break coming up and the other items here in the Stack of Stuff, but I have been noticing throughout the ruling class media, the phrase ‘Obama brought us back from the brink.’ It would have been far worse had it not been for Obama. Obama brought us back from the brink. Here is — and it’s a lie — a montage of ruling class media types since last Wednesday.

HARRIS: It seems so long ago that the economy was literally on the brink.

CLIFT: (crosstalk) He brought the economy back from the brink.

KEILAR: Two years ago the U.S. economy being on the brink of collapse.

HARWOOD: helped pull the economy back from the brink.

MENENDEZ: He has managed to get a lot done, saving the economy from the brink.

LOTHIAN: As the President has pointed out it’s been brought back from the brink.

CARLSON: Obama having to regulate the banks, after the banks put all of us on the brink of a economic collapse.

RUSH: By the way, remember the montage we had of the media talking about gravitas, Bush needing to select Cheney to have gravitas on the ticket? They think the same; they act the same; they speak the same; it’s required to be in the ruling class. So here now is another incarnation of this. Obama brought us back from the brink. The next time you hear that, the next time you hear Obama brought us back from the brink, ask yourself, ‘Why can’t he get us over the hump?’

They’re so shameless. Rush caught them all colluding to call Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails “mundane.”

CHRISTINE ROMANS: Most of the 7,000 e-mails are mundane.
JOHN KING: You do see a lot of the mundane business of government.
NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: The kind of mundane machinations of working at the State Department.
MARTHA RADDATZ: (voiceover) Many of the other e-mails more mundane…
NANCY CORDES: Run the gamut from the sensitive to the stressful to the mundane.

RUSH: The mundane! Of course! Nothing to see here, folks! You see my instincts, even before I know what the media is doing I know what they’re going to do. In this case, they were doing it; I just hadn’t seen any of their reports ’cause I don’t tend to watch. During the show prep in the morning period, I’m devoted to my stacks here. I’ve not got the TV on. I sent Cookie a note, “Would you scan what you recorded and see if you can find a montage?”

Because I got an e-mail: “I’m hearing the word ‘mundane’ a lot Rush.”

I had Cookie check it out and there you go! So now the media’s in on it. That’s the game, folks. “Nothing to see. It’s boring, mundane. Nothing earth-shattering in here. What’s all this been about? Time to move on!” Folks, I tell you, sometimes I frighten myself how good I am.

But now you can scan social media with a little-known search function and catch the media doing it, too!

Mike Cernovich showed us how to do it, and it works. If you hear a phrase that keeps getting repeated, like “lone survivor,” and you want to see who is saying it, just type that phrase into a Twitter search like this: lone survivor filter: verified

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The results will amaze you. On the same day, all the blue checks on Twitter on the left were using the phrase “lone survivor” about the scumbag who aimed a gun at Kyle Rittenhouse’s head before he lost his bicep. This is not a coincidence.

Rush would have loved this! He would be so proud that you are out there, carrying on his tradition of making the media look stupid. Well done! Dittos, everyone. You’re keeping the Limbaugh legacy alive.

On another note, while I was on, scrolling around for the first time in a long time, it hit me again how much I miss him, and I know you do too. There is a new website called that is Rush’s legacy page and has lots of information on three different scholarships that are available for young people. His merchandise store is there as well, along with amazing photos and memorabilia. It’s worth checking out. Try not to cry … or go ahead. I did. We miss you, Rush. 

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