[WATCH] Hilarious Attack Ad on Ron DeSantis Makes Him Look Like the Best Governor on Earth

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Have you ever seen an attack ad go wrong? You’re about to. It took me a while to figure out if this was a sneaky ad made by the DeSantis campaign because it makes the governor of Florida look like such a hero. But then I realized that someone actually made this to hurt DeSantis. I don’t think it’s having the anticipated impact.


The “Remove Ron” Twitter account, which has over 130,000 followers, posted an ad with ominous music and miserable-looking people flying in an airplane that looks like a convict cargo plane. Everyone is masked and they all look like they’re there by force. As they enter Florida airspace, Governor DeSantis comes on their screens to give them a message.

“We are not doing any vaccine passports in the state of Florida,” he says. “We are not going to be bludgeoning people with restrictions and mandates and lockdowns or any of that stuff.” Meanwhile, scary images of riots and people being beaten by police are shown. It was at this point that I thought, “Oh, this is a brilliant ad! Way to go, DeSantis team.” And then I realized these video makers actually think it’s bad for him that he’s against Australian-style beat-downs for people not wearing masks. No, really! 

The flight attendant then starts announcing, “You do not have to wear a mask! You do not have to get a vaccine!” (Sounds like heaven. When is this going to get negative for DeSantis?)

“It is against the law for private businesses or schools to mandate masks or vaccines,” she continues, describing America from 1776 to 2019.


It soon becomes clear that the ad’s message is that the people on the plane are terrified to fly into Florida because the governor is NOT beating people in the street for ignoring the coronavirus. “And you have the absolute right,” she continues over terrifying music, “to infect whoever you want whenever and wherever with COVID-19.” Oh. There it is. You’re all a bunch of Gramma killers. 

BUT THEN they end this ad with DeSantis’s greatest hits like, “If you are trying to lock people down, I’m gonna stand in your way!” The guy looks like a superhero!

Watch this:

The responses are absolutely hysterical. Brandon Morse replied, “If I ever run for office, will you guys please make a video about me? This is amazing!” Another user replied, “Lmfao this is an attack ad?! It highlights the freedoms that we have compared to some other states. Take this down it’s going to cause people to move here from Cali and NY!”

Another wrote, “This video could just as easily be used to show how good of a job he has done for people that value individual liberties. I hope he does get removed from office in Florida when he steps into the White House.”


“This is the best pro-Desantis hype video I’ve seen to date,” wrote another.

The only thing DeSantis would need to do to turn this video into his own campaign ad is to reshoot the plane scene and have all the people on it remove their masks as soon as the plane hits Florida airspace. The music would lighten up and everyone would start smiling and laughing together. It would be epic. Who in the world thought this was going to hurt him?

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