[WATCH]: Bill Gates Gives a Really Creepy Answer When Asked About Jeffrey Epstein

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Bill Gates is failing miserably at trying to convince the world he’s not part of an evil globalist regime that sex-traffics children, forces vaccines on everyone, and murders witnesses. Gates was interviewed about his close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and the interview went a little sideways. When the interviewer asked him what lessons can be learned from his ill-advised friendship with the billionaire pedophile sex-trafficker, Gates creepily replied, “Well, he’s dead so… in general, you always have to be careful.”


The exact question she asked was: “Is there a lesson for you or anyone else looking at this?” His response sounded an awful lot like a warning to whistleblowers who might have the goods on the cabal listed in Epstein’s little book. It reportedly includes a veritable buffet of famous names.

“Well, he’s dead” —and you will be too—is what that sounds like to me. Is this a case of misspeaking? Did he really not know that answering that question with “well, he’s dead” would be taken as “Holy hell! They killed him and they’re threatening the other witnesses right now live on TV”?

Call me a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist, but Gates is not doing himself any favors with this kind of weird response. Why didn’t he say that the lesson is that he should have vetted Epstein thoroughly before holding dinners with him? Why would he remind everyone that Epstein is dead (and possibly suggest that everyone should be careful)? What in tarnation is going on here?

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As a reminder, Jeffrey Epstein trafficked underage girls to his private island on his private jet called the Lolita Express. The jet’s manifest included names like Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and pretty much every “who’s who” in Washington, D.C., and Hollywood. Epstein evaded justice for years while the FBI just ignored all the reports they had on him. His team of lawyers ran interference, allowing him to remain free. When he was finally caught and imprisoned, he “hung himself.” Jailhouse cameras allegedly “malfunctioned,” and nothing has been discovered on his case since. None of the wealthy and powerful who partied with Epstein have been implicated in any of the crimes.


Maybe that’s because the remaining witnesses are being intimidated by people like Gates. Is anyone getting a different vibe than me? Does this sound like a threat to you too?




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