[VIDEO] Unhinged Utah Teacher Threatens Students, Ranting About Vaccines, Trump, and 'Dumb' Parents

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A Lehi, Utah, high school teacher, Leah Kinyon, was quickly fired after a viral video of her berating and threatening students in her classroom made its way around the world. Instead of welcoming students to the first week of school and teaching them some science, Kinyon launched into a bizarre tirade that touched on her hatred of Donald Trump, her intolerance of any student who questions global warming, and her insistence that unvaccinated students are diseased and dangerous.


“We will just keep getting variants over and over until people get vaccinated,” she said. “It could end in five seconds.” Kinyon then went on to say, “I hate Donald Trump, I don’t care what y’all think. He’s a sexual predator. He’s a literal moron.”

Kinyon continued to rant about hating her job, saying she’s at “risk” because of unvaccinated kids. She did not blame herself for being approximately sixty pounds or so overweight, increasing her risk of COVID complications, but placed the blame squarely on her young, healthy students.

“This is my classroom and if you guys are going to put me at risk you’re going to hear about it because I have to be here,” she said. “I don’t have to be happy about the fact that there are kids coming in here with variants that can get me or my family sick. That’s rude.”

It’s hard to believe this woman is lecturing anyone on what is “rude” after hearing her thoughts on her students’ parents. “Most of y’all parents are dumber than you,” she quipped, using improper English. “My parents are freaking dumb and the minute I figured that out the world opens up,” she expounded, trying to convince a room full of undeveloped brains that they are smarter than their elders. “You don’t have to do everything your parents say and you don’t have to believe everything your parents believe, because most likely, you’re smarter than them,” she continued, while being filmed by one of her students, whose parents were smart enough to provide him with a smartphone that is capable of catching government employees behaving badly.


“You can believe what you want to believe but keep it quiet in here because I’m most likely going to make fun of you,” Kinyon said when referencing alternative ideologies to hers.

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“If you don’t believe in climate change, get the hell out,” she snarked. “That’s pathetic that you think that. You’re the problem with the world,” she sneered to a student who questioned her. “If you’re a homophobe, get out. Because I’m the GSA faculty advisor,” she mocked while jangling her teacher’s badge in front of the class. “I love gay people. All LGBTQAI+ motherf*ckers,” she swore like a sailor on shore leave.

“If you don’t like it, get out,” she continued in a threatening voice. “If I hear you say a damn word against any of them I will open a can and I will make your life a living hell. And they know it,” she continued to mostly snickers in the classroom. “If you say shiz to any LGBTQ kid in this school I will hear about it and you will be in trouble,” she concluded while smirking smugly at her class.

The whole video is here below:

Luckily for Kinyon, she found out that she doesn’t “have to be there” because she’s now fired. ABC reported a statement from the school.

Alpine School District has concluded our investigation of the incident that occurred on August 17, 2021 at Lehi High School. Although the details of a personnel investigation are confidential, the teacher involved is no longer an employee of Alpine School District.


Any public school teachers who feel they are justified in speaking to their students like this should be on notice that they are not forced to be a teacher. I hear there are plenty of jobs available in restaurants and bars. Working as an educator should be a privilege, and allowing this type of abuse to go unchecked would be unconscionable.

Many conservative talkers are jumping on the “homeschool” bandwagon after this video surfaced, but I have been on the record saying this is not and cannot be the answer for everyone. Public education is vital to much of the population that does not have the option to stay home with their kids. Our public schools need to be safe places for every student regardless of race, creed, or ideology. Public school students who are sick of this kind of abuse have one very powerful weapon at their disposal: smartphones.

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Record, record, record, and get it to the media. The media is the only thing standing in the way of these would-be tyrants. Public outrage can go a long way to cleaning up the mess that is public education. So arm your kids with recording devices or smartphones and let them know that if they catch a teacher doing this on film, they will be greatly rewarded with extra allowance and bragging rights for taking out rogue teachers one by one.

Good for the brave kid who recorded this miscarriage of education. His or her school is now exponentially better for not only being short one totalitarian Karen, but is now reverberating with the shockwaves of fear this viral video sent through the faculty that will be long-lasting and will serve to chill the tendencies of leftists who think they have the right to brainwash other people’s kids. Think before you speak, teachers, because you are most likely being recorded—and it will be used against you.




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