Why Donald Trump Should Get on Gab

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President Trump has been awfully quiet since he was banned from Twitter and Facebook and it’s unsettling to more than just me. Everyone misses his mean tweets…even media types who claim they don’t. Their boredom is palpable. Jim Acosta is tweeting about other people talking about Trump.


We all know that the political world will only be exciting again when Trump is unmuzzled. So why is he waiting? I’ve been experimenting with alternative platforms since the great purge began, where thousands of pro-Trump accounts were banned around the same time as the president’s. Parler was okay until it got purged as well. But the established survivor that is still operating with no issues is Gab.

In the past two weeks, I’ve had more activity on Gab than I get on Twitter. Twitter is notorious for “shadow-banning” conservative accounts, so even if you have thousands of followers, the only way they will see your tweets is if they go to your page. They won’t see them in a news feed because of algorithms that filter out unwanted content according to Twitter’s opinions of what is good and what isn’t. Gab, on the other hand, does not filter content and I have more activity there with only a few hundred followers than I do on Twitter with thousands.

There’s no doubt that Gab is growing and growing fast. PJM reached out to Gab owner Andrew Torba to ask him about the site’s explosion.

In the past 30 days alone Gab’s services have been used by 33 million people resulting in 260m+ page views which is more than many of the top legacy media companies. Tens of millions of people are fleeing from Silicon Valley mind prisons and moving to Gab and other alt-tech services. Gab is still online today because we survived years of deplatforming from dozens of service providers by building our own infrastructure that we can’t be banned from.


Torba thinks the president should get on Gab too, and he’s even archived his entire Twitter feed under a verified @realDonaldTrump account on Gab that is just waiting for the president to log on.

It’s important that The People see President Trump fight back against this Silicon Valley censorship and the entrenched bureaucrats in Washington who would love to see him de-platformed and silenced forever. The best way to do that is not by calling for the government to do something, it’s by leveraging the free market and using services like Gab.

President Trump has given We The People a voice again and Gab is here to make sure that he has his. If he is willing to join the platform, hundreds of millions of people will follow and Big Tech’s grip on the free flow of information will be crushed.

The only obstacle at the moment is the lack of an app. The app stores have banned Gab on both Apple and Google for the usual reasons and excuses about “hate speech,” which educated Americans don’t believe exists. Hate speech is just protected speech someone doesn’t like. If it is offensive to you, the proper action is to block it from your feed, or use your First Amendment rights to argue against it, not destroy a platform with censorship. Even without the app, Gab is usable. I find that I enjoy using it when I’m logged onto my computer for the workday. The lack of an app for mobile just allows me more time to not be focused on social media when I’m away from my computer, which is a nice break.


If you haven’t tried Gab yet, I recommend it. You can find me @MeganFox. And hopefully, soon we can all find President Trump there too. If Trump joins the Gab community it could destroy Twitter because all of the people on the left who love to disparage him will have to join Gab just to see what he is saying. Twitter will become a much-deserved wasteland. Come on, President Trump! What are you waiting for?


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