Joy Villa Destroys Diversity Propaganda at Congressional Hearing: 'I Was Never Blacklisted Until I Became a Conservative'

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Political affiliation should be a protected class under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, says Joy Villa, recording artist and actress. Villa held court at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on “diversity in media” on Friday and gave a passionate defense of a conservative’s right to work in a country that is hostile to them.


“I’m mixed race,” she said. “I’m black, Chocktaw Native American on my mother’s side. I’m Italian and Argentinian on my father’s side. Until I came out as a conservative wearing a fabulous Make America Great Again dress for the Grammys four years ago, I had never been blacklisted.”

Villa has faced discrimination in the workplace since.

I was blacklisted from industry events, I was not welcome on talk shows, I was not included in pop culture magazines or publications unless as the butt of a joke. Rolling Stone magazine told my publicist they would not write about me because of my politics. One casting director called me “that Trump bit*h.” I’ve been called a race-traitor, an Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, house n***er, slave; been told to go back to Africa, told to straighten my nappy hair; called a puta negra (black bit*h); that I should be deported and even worse. I’ve had threats against my life and my family’s lives. These remarks come only from the so-called tolerant left who preach that they want diversity. To be clear, this did not happen because I’m black or Latina, or because I’m a woman. It happened because I’m openly conservative.

Gay Pro-Trump Recording Artist Blacklisted by Music Industry Influencers

Villa isn’t the only entertainer to face blacklists. Ricky Rebel has had radio stations refuse to play his music because of his Trump support. Sports journalist Jason Whitlock also testified at the hearing saying, “I wish we could talk about big tech’s takeover of free speech. Silicon Valley is in control of America…If you don’t agree with Silicon Valley and Northern California’s radical point of view, they will cancel you and silence you on their social media apps.”

Liberal Heads Explode Over Joy Villa’s ‘Make America Great Again …

Cancel culture is a real problem and it is invading the workplace. Employers know that because “political affiliation” is not a protected class they can discriminate at will. It’s time for that to change. America is not America when 62% of Americans feel they cannot express their political opinions for fear of being run out of their livelihoods. Listen to Villa lay it out like a pro.


Joy Villa to Congress: We need to Stop Conservative Discrimination in Hollywood!

This is my opening statement to congress today for the Judiciary Committee hearing on diversity in the media. I have been attacked by the left and hollywood ever since I came out as Trump Supporter. Diversity of THOUGHT MUST BE A PROTECTED CLASS! We need to stop political discrimination, NOW.

Posted by JoyVilla on Thursday, September 24, 2020

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