Do It for Brett Kavanaugh: Why the GOP MUST Seat a New Supreme Court Justice ASAP

Christine Blasey Ford testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018. (Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP)

Revenge is a dish best served cold and the remains of the confirmation circus surrounding Brett Kavanaugh have just gotten cold enough to serve up as a giant plate of gag-worthy retribution to well-deserving Democrats hee-hawing about the “dying wishes” of the Notorious RBG. The non-stop braying by Chuck Schumer and anyone else on the blue side of the party is reaching deafening levels of “but her dying wish was…” whatever—we can’t hear you because we’ve stuck our fingers in our ears and are humming some kind of tune that sounds like “the hills are alive with the sound of Democrats crying on Twitter.”   


This is the moment we’ve been waiting for since Christine Blasey Ford took the stage with her grating baby voice and testimony full of holes and slander. We still remember every sickening moment that Democrats dragged a good man through the mud, terrorized his wife, and traumatized his 10-year-old daughter who had to be told what a “gang rape” was and why the man on the TV kept saying it about her dad.

We can still see the look on Mrs. Kavanaugh’s face as she walked side by side with her husband on the way to a hearing that was more like entering a torture chamber. We remember a grown man crying and pleading for his name. And we remember laughing Democrats without a shred of humanity sitting there, levying false and defamatory accusations at a man for daring to keep a calendar of his juvenile years and enjoying beer. We were there. Did they forget? This moment in time was so intensely unfair and maddening that I locked myself in my office for six months and pounded out a book about all the times in history women have lied to destroy men. Believe all women??? Ha! Tell that to the victims of the Salem witch trials or the Scottsboro boys. (Buy my book now on Amazon without delay.)

Did they really think that this “dying wish” tactic was going to work on us? Even if it were Ginsburg’s dying wish and she had videotaped herself saying that the next president should fill her seat to satisfy her last earthly desire, so what? It’s not her seat… it’s ours! There’s no “dying wish” clause in the Constitution. The president nominates members of the Supreme Court and our president is still in the job until January of 2021 (at least). We cannot have an empty seat on the highest court in this crazy upside-down world for four months. Let’s forget for a moment that we know the election is going to be contested and we will need a Supreme Court that’s not going to tie in that scenario. But forget that. Let’s focus on what matters.



This is for you, Kavanaugh family. Any other action than immediately filling and confirming that seat with the president’s choice is a capitulation to the terror tactics the Democrats unleashed on the Kavanaughs. It would be an admission that what they did was legitimate and can be done again. There is no other way to see it. They will have gotten away with it if we do any less. Not only does this seat need to be filled (this week preferably) but it should be done while acknowledging that our entire motivation is payback for the disgusting attempt to destroy a man purely for political reasons.

As the late Andrew Breitbart famously said, “F*ck you. War.”

And we are in a war, both a hot war on the streets of our cities nationwide and in the halls of Congress. Let’s have it out already. Take off the gloves and fight to win. If GOP senators refuse to do their jobs and vote with the president at this unprecedented and dangerous time in America then they should be labeled as traitors and dealt with accordingly. This is not a joke. Our enemy is as serious as a Molotov cocktail through your window, so you better catch up.

Capitulation to “dying wishes” or some sense of “honor” or “better than them” idiocy is not an option. There is no honor among thieves and any amount of appeasement is seen by those criminals as weakness. I’m tired of a weak GOP. Grow a spine and get in there and do your jobs already. Replace and confirm immediately. Offer no regrets and no apologies. And when the braying turns into screeching and rioting, simply respond, “for Kavanaugh.”




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