Media Malfeasance: Rasmussen Reports Creates Hideously Biased Image of Trump for New Poll

Image from Rasmussen Poll tweet.

You can always tell when a media company is trying to influence you when they use bad photos of politicians. I do it. It’s fun. But that type of editorializing should be saved for editorials, or opinion articles, where the opinion of the author is well known.


When news organizations that claim to be objective engage in such bias, it’s unfair. That’s exactly what Rasmussen Reports did when they released their new poll showing that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are nearly equal in voter trust on most issues.

Look at the image they created to go with the poll. Does this seem fair and objective to you?

Donald Trump is depicted as a snarling, shouting maniac while Joe Biden looks like he should be on a bottle of salad dressing, complete with twinkling eyes. You can’t even see eyes on the president. They’re just black slits. This is the kind of malfeasance that should be called out. It’s a type of brainwashing and it should be stopped.

Commenters noticed the problem immediately. “Why does that picture of the president look like that?” said one commenter. “That is a very biased graphic,” said another. “Going forward, please have an adult look at your graphics before publication. This is embarrassing,” tweeted another.


The media has violated our trust in so many ways and now it seems they don’t even care and are just going for it. All pretenses have been dropped. Trump is bad, Biden is good and they’re all in. The Enemy of the People has come out from behind the mask and it’s a sad end to the institution of news media. What clowns they have become.

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