Let's Get Real: Mayor Richard Daley Was Better on Law and Order Than Trump

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, listens to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley during a funding announcement in this Aug. 4, 2005 (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)

If there’s one thing I’m tired of hearing Donald Trump say, it’s “We will make America safe again.” Really? When? Is there a projected date for this alleged safety? He’s been saying that for four years, but antifa and Black Lives Matter are still tearing up the streets and beating or murdering Trump supporters. Sure, the Democrat-controlled cities that are burning are not directly under his authority. Let’s say I buy that he can’t make the violence stop (I don’t). I understand that if he sends in the National Guard or federal troops in he will be accused of being a dictator. But sometimes you have to take the criticism, even when it’s an election year.

By failing to act to quell rioting and looting, the president is leaving all of his supporters who live in those areas trapped in hell on earth with no hope for relief. I don’t think that’s what they voted for. I know I didn’t. I have a unique perspective, having lived and worked in Chicago for many years under Democrat leadership. Say what you will about Mayor Richard Daley—the pay-to-play shenanigans were very real—but he cared enough about his citizens to protect us from far-left loons.

In 2002, the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) came to town under threats by anarchists and commie-pinko troublemakers. Mayor Daley promised Chicagoans that we would be safe. When I woke up the morning the event was scheduled to begin I dreaded the ride to work on the Metra. I was sure it was going to be a bad day. Chicagoans are used to having to wade through protesters to get to work, but the TABD protesters are a more violent bunch than the usual unwashed hippies. They are the same group that dogs the World Trade Organization wherever they go, agitating for a multitude of grievances, from labor conditions to environmentalist kookery.

The train pulled into Union Station that morning and the doors opened. As I began to make my way to the doors, I noticed a dead silence that was very unusual for a morning commute. I soon understood why. What greeted us on the platform were riot police standing shoulder to shoulder, lining the entire platform. The line snaked through the station, out onto the street, and all the way down the sidewalk for blocks. The police presence was so overwhelming that we were stunned into a silent appreciation for the awesome sight.

I walked the five blocks to work, with police protection the entire way. I’ve never been so grateful to a Democrat in my life—and I voted for him too. Daley was the only Democrat I’ve ever voted for because, if you lived in Chicago and Daley was on the ballot, no one else had a chance anyway. The streets were always clean, the garbage picked up, the snow plowed, and I was never spit on by a protester on my way to work. These things matter.

The commie rag,, had a hilarious and accurate description of Daley’s troops.

DID THEY really expect an amphibious assault on corporate executives? Chicago police had a gunship docked on the Chicago River to reinforce thousands of cops, police cavalry and a fleet of helicopters in protecting a meeting of U.S. and European business leaders last week.

The security crackdown was incredible. Decked out in their new kevlar-coated armor and riot gear, the cops surrounded more than 2,000 peaceful labor and student protesters, who marched and chanted in a permitted demonstration against the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD).

If the troublemakers had been planning an amphibious assault on executives, it would have failed bigly in Daley’s Chicago.

The TABD went off without a hitch. There were a few arrests but no property damage and nothing that made the news. The protesters were immediately demoralized when they found themselves outnumbered three to one. Daley had called in every available officer from all the surrounding suburbs and counties. And boy, did they show up. It was a sea of blue and riot shields. It was magnificent. I wish I had taken pictures. Later, I heard that the few individuals arrested were taken to a police station on the far South Side and released with no transportation. You did not mess with the City of Chicago when Mayor Daley was in charge. I have thought of him often during the recent riots in our beloved city that the current mayor is basically ignoring. It must kill him to watch it.

Contrast that story to the last night of the Republican National Convention, when President Trump sent his event-goers into a mob of violent anarchists minutes after offering his usual platitude about making us “safe again.” He sent sitting senators and congressmen into that melee with a couple of bike cops. Elderly people had to try and make their way to their hotels while being spit on by violent mobs. Republicans were punched, spit on, shoved, menaced, surrounded, screamed at, and terrified.

DON’T tell me it’s the mayor’s job to protect Trump supporters at the RNC. Everyone knows the mayor of D.C. wants what the mobs want. But it isn’t her town. It’s the president’s jurisdiction too. There is no governor of D.C. and the president is the top dog in the executive branch. He has full authority to line the streets from the White House to the hotels with federal officers.

Why didn’t he do it? Why didn’t he show us what “making America safe again” looks like? The people want law and order! Give it to them in the one place where you have the right to do it, sir! WTAF is this? (WARNING: Language NSFW)


Why did a Chicago Democrat protect Americans from the violent left but a Republican president won’t? Why does Trump continue to threaten to use the Insurrection Act instead of actually using it? What is he waiting for? More killings? This a major failure of his presidency. He has not protected his supporters from violence on the streets—not at his rallies, and now, not at his own convention. Why?

There are only two possibilities I can come up with:

  1. Incompetence
  2. Deliberate election provocation

Neither of these possibilities is acceptable. Is Ronna McDaniel, RNC chairwoman, so incompetent she didn’t think to coordinate with the president and federal officers to protect the event-goers? Could they not have organized shuttles to take the people from the White House to a secure hotel? Is the president completely ignorant of what’s outside his gates? We know that’s not the case. That leaves the possibility of a deliberate election-year strategy. I find it hard to believe that anyone I voted for would leave some people in harm’s way to outrage the public and turn sentiment toward him and his team. But I’m finding it very hard to come up with any other explanation.

The American people are not pawns to be used in any election strategy. Their lives matter and it sure doesn’t seem like the White House cares. I suggest that you avoid attending any more events run by Donald Trump or Republicans until they get serious about protecting their own supporters—instead of leaving you out there to be hurt, maimed, or killed. Trump says he can make Americans safe, Mayor Daley actually did it. See the difference?


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